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Happenings in Cascade!


Here are some pics from our hike to Blue Lake a couple of weekends ago:

Beautiful Unknown


Sammy Hiding in the Shade of Big Rock

Majestic Pine trees

Indian Paintbrush with Penstemon

Indian Paint Brush with White Flowers

Shooting Stars Galore

Charteuse Green


This weekend marks the 5th birthday of our grand baby, Judah, who passed away 7 days later.  God is faithful to heal and though tears still flow when remembering his short life here on earth, it is such a comfort to know that we will one day get to hold him and hug him and tell him how much we love him.  Our prayers are with Sarah especially during this time.

It has been SO SO SMOKEY here!  There are small fires all around us but the big fire is in eastern Oregon!  It is hard to even want to be outside.  Yesterday I stayed in ALL day (and that’s tough to say when it is glorious summertime!).  I did get the financial books done for Harvest Frontiers, which is a VERY good thing!

We went to church in Horseshoe Bend this morning and enjoyed the service there!

Not much more to post other than to say I am learning that being grateful also means not finding fault or being judgmental.  I have lived for a long time in the land of Criticism where I made myself the Supreme Court Justice.  I have fired myself and will not get severance pay!  I don’t think I will miss the payments of bitterness and guilt that I received for my service to the court!!!

I am going to go bake something with rhubarb . . .  and lots of sugar . . . got to sweeten myself up somehow!!!

Peace – Out!


Humble Beginnings!


This morning I walked around my yard and tried to capture the tiny moments of joy that came as I saw the beginning of my flowers starting to poke out!  It has been a long cold winter and spring so everything is behind a little!  I know they will still make quite a showing before summer is over!


I can’t remember the name of these darling little pink flowers but I love them!


Elderberry Flowers


Old Fashioned Lilacs


Choke Cherry Blossoms


Lily of the Valley

Johnny Jump Ups


New Growth on Little Pine Tree

I read this sentence out of the Victoria Magazine, April/May issue, page 15:  “To have humility,” observed Dag Hammarskjold, “is to experience reality, not in relation to ourselves but in its sacred independence.”

I thought long and hard about that.  In other words:  “The world doesn’t revolve around me!”  And “I am not responsible for everyone’s happiness.”  Or maybe the world is bigger and better than I can imagine.  I also thought that it is too bad that often when I am talking to someone I am too busy thinking about what I want to say to listen to what they are saying.

Here’s to trying to get perspective on life.  Wanting to be humble and at peace.  Hoping that for you as well!!!