Just Getting Caught Up


A couple weekends ago we drove to Pocatello for the best state football game ever!  Our good friends, the Moores, called to tell us that their youngest, who is a senior, was heading for the state football game with his Declo, ID team.  Hubby had asked his Papa to let us know if the Declo football team made it to state!  We got there just in time for the game and it was a good one.  Declo was ahead the whole time but not so much that there weren’t some tense moments.  The topper on the cake is that Beak (the said senior) had his one and only ever end zone catch for a touchdown!  Exciting!  We stayed the night in their lovely guest house and had a wonderful breakfast with the whole family before we went our way.  We weren’t the only ones who made the trip for the game so we got to see an old friend who is an artist and a couple of the older Moore kids!  It was great!!!

Breakfast with Moore Family and Friends

A Picture Outside the Window

The Fellows

Beautiful Idaho

Interstate on the way home

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our son, Jesse, and his family in Boise.  We ate, we laughed, we played Apples to Apples with 6 adults and 8 kids.  It was LOUD and fun!  The next day we had a delicious breakfast and then piled into our two cars and drove back up to Cascade Country in search of our Christmas trees.  It was probably the quickest we have ever accomplished that task.  The snow fell so sweetly so that we had a few inches of snow on the trees and on the path as  we trudged through to get to our trees.  It was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the Eggnog and Lorna Dunes we shared after we were back to the cars.  We drove home in the dusk and counted it another successful Thanksgiving weekend.

Jess and family and their Christmas tree!

Our little Christmas tree!

Lovely November Sunrise

Oh Jimmy!

Early Morning Full Moon over West Mountains and Payette River Below our Home

We are headed full on into the Christmas Holidays.  Blessings on you as you prepare your homes and your hearts to celebrate the Baby Jesus’ birth!


Leaving October 2018 Behind


Here it is November and I didn’t get all my October pictures in.  This month will fly by as well and then we are in to the winter months and the cold, dark season of the year.  (So thankful for the love and light that Christmas brings!)

We are ready for the winter days with wood stacked high on the porch and pine cone fire starters packed away in monthly supply.  Most of the yard work is done, just need to mulch the final leaves that all fell in the last storm and put the tarps on the campers.  (We have a guest camper staying with us this winter.)

Reading Ann Voskamp’s book “The Broken Way” I have been moved and touched by her words.  Here are few from today’s reading:

“It’s only when you know your real identity that you can really break the enemy and break free.  No matter what you’ve lost or who you’ve lost – nothing that’s happened in the past can change it, and nothing in the future can intimidate the reality of it, because this is the realest true:  you are always sufficient because God always gives you His all-sufficient grace.”  pg 192

“All His is mine and all mine – my sins, my death, my damnation – is His, writes Luther.  How we are is not who we are.  Who we are is who He is.” . . . Maybe all the brokenhearted don’t need to try to believe more in themselves, but to believe what Jesus says about them more.”  pg 193

“. . .I think I hear what you’re saying – that once you face Him, you see who you really are . . .so you can go face anything.”      That –       exactly that.”  pg 194

How does she come up with this stuff!!!  It goes deep, I want it to go deep, I am trying to shove it down deep so that it stays in my heart.  We all struggle with feeling inadequate but when it becomes debilitating or so ingrained in our thinking about ourselves we become chained to the enemy’s lies.  Praying for God to reveal how He sees you is a vital part of quiet time.  His words far outweigh my faulty thoughts.  Thank you, LORD!!!!!

We drove to Missoula October 11th to see Cab and Jacqs and family.

First snow on the mountains near Cascade.

Snow topped mountains outside New Meadows

Near Riggins

Lolo Mountain, almost to Missoula

Snow tops and lower hill getting hit with the setting sun outside Missoula

Finally, Grandkids! Zeke made me and Pops a welcome hat that I just had to model!

While we were there we went for a walk with some of their friends along a river, Cab found an old phone. Tried to place a call but no one answered.

This was a different phone – such signs of age.

Apparently, in the olden days, they would use old cars to keep the river from eroding the banks. It was very interesting. (So is that cute couple on the left. Hmmmmm!)


Movie Stars

The old couple.

Some adult beverage time.

These two studmuffins cut down a dead cottonwood tree and a pine tree that had it’s top cut off so it was just a fat pine tree bush. They were blocking the view of the mountains but didn’t realize how much until they were gone.

No before pic but the improvement was dramatic!

It snowed Sunday morning so the kids got out and tried to make snowmen.

Later in the day we had to head home leaving these cuties behind!!!

Finally just a mix of fall color and some pics of my sun room

Tamaracks near Lolo pass

Mountain Ash berries

Gold leaves, blue sky – Aspen tree in our front yard.


Happy Thanksgiving.  May you find much to be grateful for and take time to give God thanks!


Cascade September Happenings!


Here are some fun pics:

Most of the grands having a campfire with smores! (August)

Someone had a birthday in early September

School bound grandkids

These kids all got glasses!

This handsome boy already had them but now he has company!

A special affects pictures from Wales


Fall foliage

Huge tree in McCall

Syringa Berries

Trees in downtown Cascade

Sun rise and sun set.

Sunrise in mid Septerber 2018


Just a mix of stuff

A violet in house

A violet outside. They are such dainty, cute flowers but so hardy!

Kitty in the wild! He heard a squirrel!

Some projects around the house!

Shed before

Shed After

Chair Before

Chair Before

Chair After

Chair After

Last Sunday Hubbs and I were listening to the sermon from Cab and Jacq’s church – Zootown.  We were reminded, once again, of the truth that God is faithful!


I, like many people, have prayed for others and encouraged others that God will do as He says, that there is NO WAY he wouldn’t because He is God and He is faithful.  BUT!!!  When it comes to myself there is a real struggle.  So often I feel that I don’t deserve God’s faithfulness.

Some background would be the following stories:  There was a time in my life, about 20 years ago, when I went through a time of an extremely close relationship with God.  I found myself awake in the middle of the night.  I would get up and spend time in prayer and Bible study.  I sensed God’s presence and felt that He spoke to me and had deep times of worship.  It was an awesome time I will never forget.  In the middle of that time Rob’s folks died in a car accident on their way to visit us.  If you would have asked me my biggest struggle at that time I would have told you that I felt it was so UNFAIR!  We didn’t deserve that!  In a time of deep spiritual growth I felt I got my butt kicked!

Fast forward to about six years ago, I picked up an old book that I had in my camper, mostly for show because it was cute.  I was excited to read a book about a man who wanted to have a better relationship with God and walked me through the steps to do just that.  It was a time of encouragement and strengthening of my faith and I felt healed in my spirit.  Then we found ourselves walking through the death of a grandchild at one week old.  Witnessing my daughter go through that struggle was intensely painful not to mention my own pain and anguish.  Once again I felt myself kicked to the curb right after turning back to God.

About three years later Hubby and I found a book, Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning.  It is an amazing book about learning to trust God in the hard things.  Even the REALLY HARD things!!  We reflected back on times in our life where trials and troubles shook our trust in God and knew that we really needed to work in that area.  We had great discussions and I felt like we were turning the corner and then BLAM!  Once again we were faced with another death.  A different, yet very hard death, the death of a ministry and we found ourselves walking away from our church through no ones fault but our own.  It took some time, I am not going to lie, but we realized our part.  Our judgmental and entitlement attitudes helped bring about this struggle.  There was deep hurt and anger which over time, by God’s grace, turned to repentance and humility.

One residual problem because of these hard times, which probably is the reason most people struggle with the same issue, is that feelings of unworthiness creep up at times.  We have also unfairly placed burdens on each other to fulfill our needs because we did not want to depend on God or trust Him to be the faithful God he is.  We spent time talking this all over and once again, we will turn to God with as ruthless trust as we can muster, taking one step at a time to draw closer to our God who is faithful no matter whether you deserve or not.  I find myself being thankful that God is FAITHFUL to remind us that He is FAITHFUL and there is nothing we can do about that!!  (Praise God!!!)

A quote I came across recently on Instagram:


I think this is talking about the very foundation of ruthless trust.  Nothing will shake your foundation of trust if that trust is buried deep and strong.

As Jesus said:  “My peace I leave with you!”


Saying Goodbye to June and July Part 3


The last part of July found me getting to spend some quality time with my grands in Boise!  Jesse took Larissa to San Francisco for her 40th so I got to spend two of the three days they were gone keeping watch over their little darlings.  Rob was gone backpacking so it was up to me to hold down the fort and keep all free from danger.  The trip started out a little rough.  Due to fires in the area the usual road from Cascade to Boise was closed so I had to go the long way around which added 2 1/2 hours to the trip but still got there just fine.  ANYHOO!  It was great and I wanted to post pictures from that special time!!!

First activity we accomplished was a trip to the Boise Aquarium!

Stingrays with Hudson

Big smiling fish with Paisley

Miles with the big fish

Malia with the goldfish and some catfish that liked to suck on your fingers. She was brave enough to let them!

All Four!!

After the Aquarium we stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch.  It was kid approved!

Look at those eyes!!!

Back home we swam and played and watch a little TV and then we made spaghetti for dinner!!

The second day we went to the Meridian Library and then to the Meridian park for free lunch!  Pizza Pockets!

Paise and Hudsey. The wrapper said corn dogs but it was really a pizza pocket

Malia was smart and picked regular milk not chocolate. Those girls are very health conscious. (Good job Mom and Dad!)

It was VERY hot so these three sat in the shade while Miles played a bit on the playground. (Sisters!)

He wanted to play restaurant! Such a darling cook!!!

At home we swam in the pool, played charades and cutie patootie Miles took a nap.  All in all it was a wonderful time with my grands and am already looking forward to the next time.



Saying Goodbye to June and July! (Part 2)


Earlier this summer, for Father’s Day Weekend, Hublet and I met up with his brother and sister and their families for a camping trip in the Sawtooth mountains.  It was a wonderful time together, the weather was “iffy” but it rained mostly at night and just sprinkled once in a while during the day.  The campsite had a marvelous view of the mountains and was by a stream.  We spent some time at the Alturas Lake beach the first day and on the second day Hubster and I took a hike while the others went their various ways.  At night it was sitting around the fire and card playing tournaments in our campers.  Here are some pictures:

On the shores of Alturas Lake.

Alturas Lake beach

Alturas Lake Outlet

Lake Perkins

River Views

Camper Round Up

Hublet and the boys!

Food was deliccious!

Meadow Flowers

Mountain Flowers

Purple Vioet

Indian Paintbrush

Wild Strawberries

Shooting Stars

Elephant Heads

Meadow Flowers

Rain clouds over mountains!

Mountain Majesty

Zoomed in Mountain

Pine Tree Roots


Saying Goodbye to June and July (Part 1)


Summer is flying by and soon it will be August!  It goes so quickly!!!  I wanted to catch up a bit so am mostly going to post pics:

Early morning June walks:

Early morning fog

Pink Clover Up Close

Lovely Pink


We hiked up to Blue Lake with some good friends and took so many wonderful pictures:

Lakeside Smiles

Such Cuties

Hubone and me

There were so many flowers:

And some great scenery and interesting rock:

Then we moved into the 4th of July which means Cascade Parade, hot temps, and fireworks!


Next, we had our good friends, (Rob’s college roommate and his wonderful wife) come from Nebraska!  We laughed and played and tried to cram in as much as we possibly could in our few days:  We started by going on a canoe trip to Cabarton Bridge.

Crazy, beautiful sky giving us some nice shade once in a while!

The wifey’s got to sit in the “Hospital Chairs” and enjoy the scenery! (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!!)

Then we took them up to Camp Perkins and we frolicked up there!!

Sawtooth Mountains! They still have my heart!!

This is the meadow that we use to walk to when we lived at camp. It is timeless and beautiful with the river flowing through it.

A little cuddle time in the meadow.

Meadow Selfie!!!!

We had a fun night playing cards before we had to go back home the next day!  We got a little silly!

The middle of July found me heading back up to the Sawtooths with my sweet Sis-in-Law for our annual girlie camp – 40goinN!  As usual, we had a blast with lots of laughs and some sweet times of heart sharing.  Most of these pics were taken by Kel.

Starting out – so clean and tidy!

Setting up camp!

Fun started out quickly!

Me and my partners in crime.

Group Pic first night!

Breakfast cheers!

Second night costumes. War Nurses!

Some other outfits!

Group picture 2nd night!


A morning “Get Up”

Last night festivities my character was “Teacup Lady”. I was a woman of “Ill Repute!”

Last night group picture!


More June Pictures in July!


Here are some more early morning doggy constitutional  pictures.  I am so thankful for those two darlings that get me out so early!


Quote from Ann Voskamp’s THE BROKEN WAY, pg 125

“I don’t know how to love like I want.  I don’t know how to smooth out angst or stress or worry, but I know you either leave your worries with God or your worries will make you leave God.”

True Words!



June 2018 Happenings


Okay!  Once again I have to apologize for being so far behind.  I am working on getting caught up in so many areas and this is one for sure.  We have had such a busy spring, and early summer and now I find that we are in the second half of July and it has taken me by surprise.

I am posting some early June pics just because I want to share the glory of God.

Pine Tree Wonder showing the new growth and buds.



White Flower Beauty


Queen Annes Lace


Snowball Bush Viburnum




Bridal Veil

A Study in Green


Green Baby Currents


Colorful Flowers


Brilliant Oriental Poppy


Popping Pink Peony



Wild and Not So Wild Creatures


Jimmy Fasa Snoozin in the Orchids


Sandhill Crane on the Airport Runway – I hope he filed a flight plan.

Last but not least some countryside pics.


Rays out of the Clouds


Clouds Over the Mountains


Full Moon Setting on Snow Covered Mountaintop


Early Morning Full Moon River Reflection

That’s all for now but I hope to be back soon!





The Love of Books


I have loved to read for as long as I can remember.  Many summers of my youth were spent taking trips to the library then spending hours being lost in whatever land the book took me.  Family camping trips, trips to visit relatives, and moments of relaxation while at home were spent with my nose deep in a precious book.  I am so grateful for my love of reading.  It means there is never a dull moment or a time when I say I am bored with nothing to do.

One of my ALL-Time favorite authors is Gene Stratton-Porter.  Her wholesome, sweet books, are full of flowers and birds and wild gardens that just makes my heart soar.  I would recommend all of her books with my whole heart.  She was born in 1863 and died in 1924

Gene Stratton-Porter

Following is a prayer that John Guido taught Amaryllis from the book THE MAGIC GARDEN

“Gentle Saviour, at thy knee

A little child looks up to thee.

Keep me safely through starshine

Make a loving heart of mine.

When you want me for your own

Guide my footsteps to your throne.”

Many lessons of how to love and cherish each other run riot in her books.  I am always so sad when I finish one because I so want it to keep going.   There is a little fly in the ointment – her books were written at a time when people were more openly prejudice and it was acceptable so there is a tiny bit of that in her some of her books.

We took a couple of trips this spring to visit family and friends.

We have been busy around the house, repairing the damage that comes with living in a home for 14 years.  It has been hard work but so rewarding.  People won’t notice the newly varnished wood floors, or the repairs to the living room ceiling where there was water damage from the leaky pipes in the bathroom upstairs, or the tongue and grove up in the rafters of our front porch.  BUT Hubby and I know it looks better when we sit in the living room and face the fireplace not to have a big bad spots on the ceiling and when we see the fire reflecting on the newly varnished floors.  It will also  be far easier for me to battle the spiders on the front porch! Those buggers will still be out there trying to take over the ownership of that ceiling but now a quick swipe with the broom will bring those webs, nests and spiders down!!!  (I know, I know, they will still be up there, hiding in any cracks, crevices or tiny hole they can find but I can fool myself into believing I have a chance to wipe them out!)

Here are some pics for your enjoyment!

We went to see the Shoshone Falls with Carrie.

Shoshone Falls

Jesse and family

Talayla enjoying some spring flowers!

Cuties!     We didn’t get to see Sarah and Tay in person just threw these in.  

In May we went to Hubby ‘s nephew’s graduation!

Graduate Eli with Mom and Dad and Oma

Eli with Uncle and Auntie

Took some great Silo pics on trip home!

Went to hear Code Red and got a signed book and a picture with her and her Dad Larry!


We did some “fixer Upper” stuff around the house!


Had and to move everything OUT!



Summer weather is here so that means lots of gardening (which is mostly weed pulling).  It has taken up so much time and I have not conquered it all yet. Praying you have a great June with lots of relaxation (enjoy some for me too!).

Oriental Poppy! “Royal wedding”


He is Risen! We rise too!


It is so easy to fall…  fall down the stairs, fall over a bump, fall under the table, fall into a swimming pool…

Rising up is not as easy!  Pulling yourself up by “your bootstraps” takes effort, dragging yourself out of bad situation takes guts, rising above temptation takes willpower…

A dear friend posted on her Instagram that she used to think of self-control/self-discipline, as a form of punishment.  But now she sees it as a gift.  These words made me really stop and ponder… (After all self-control is listed as a fruit of the Spirit!)

Lately, I have been working on loosing weight.  It has been about giving up sugar, (my major downfall), gluten, grains, and some dairy.  It’s been about eating less, drinking at least a gallon of water a day and getting a good night sleep.

Bottom line, it is about self-control.

I am having to use willpower and self-discipline.  I’ve been pulling myself up by my bootstraps and trying with all my guts.  My reasons why have been a good motivation.  Being healthy at any age is worth any amount of work it takes to get there.  BUT I have also been thinking about this hard work as a punishment for my lack of self-control.   If it is a gift to use, this self-discipline stuff, then why am I looking at it as “my just desserts” for my overeating?  It is time for an attitude adjustment and long overdue!  Maybe it is about reminding myself that, with God’s help, all things are possible.

Anyhoo!  Moving on to my point!  As I stated earlier falling down is easy.  Rising up is hard work.  With it being the season of Easter we put our minds to the Risen Christ!  His hard work, his suffering, his death on the cross was not easy.  It took self-control to be spit upon and not, at the very least, spitting back.  His rising up from the grave is our salvation and hope.  Because of Jesus Christ we will rise up and live forever with Him!  Alleluia!