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The Love of Books


I have loved to read for as long as I can remember.  Many summers of my youth were spent taking trips to the library then spending hours being lost in whatever land the book took me.  Family camping trips, trips to visit relatives, and moments of relaxation while at home were spent with my nose deep in a precious book.  I am so grateful for my love of reading.  It means there is never a dull moment or a time when I say I am bored with nothing to do.

One of my ALL-Time favorite authors is Gene Stratton-Porter.  Her wholesome, sweet books, are full of flowers and birds and wild gardens that just makes my heart soar.  I would recommend all of her books with my whole heart.  She was born in 1863 and died in 1924

Gene Stratton-Porter

Following is a prayer that John Guido taught Amaryllis from the book THE MAGIC GARDEN

“Gentle Saviour, at thy knee

A little child looks up to thee.

Keep me safely through starshine

Make a loving heart of mine.

When you want me for your own

Guide my footsteps to your throne.”

Many lessons of how to love and cherish each other run riot in her books.  I am always so sad when I finish one because I so want it to keep going.   There is a little fly in the ointment – her books were written at a time when people were more openly prejudice and it was acceptable so there is a tiny bit of that in her some of her books.

We took a couple of trips this spring to visit family and friends.

We have been busy around the house, repairing the damage that comes with living in a home for 14 years.  It has been hard work but so rewarding.  People won’t notice the newly varnished wood floors, or the repairs to the living room ceiling where there was water damage from the leaky pipes in the bathroom upstairs, or the tongue and grove up in the rafters of our front porch.  BUT Hubby and I know it looks better when we sit in the living room and face the fireplace not to have a big bad spots on the ceiling and when we see the fire reflecting on the newly varnished floors.  It will also  be far easier for me to battle the spiders on the front porch! Those buggers will still be out there trying to take over the ownership of that ceiling but now a quick swipe with the broom will bring those webs, nests and spiders down!!!  (I know, I know, they will still be up there, hiding in any cracks, crevices or tiny hole they can find but I can fool myself into believing I have a chance to wipe them out!)

Here are some pics for your enjoyment!

We went to see the Shoshone Falls with Carrie.

Shoshone Falls

Jesse and family

Talayla enjoying some spring flowers!

Cuties!     We didn’t get to see Sarah and Tay in person just threw these in.  

In May we went to Hubby ‘s nephew’s graduation!

Graduate Eli with Mom and Dad and Oma

Eli with Uncle and Auntie

Took some great Silo pics on trip home!

Went to hear Code Red and got a signed book and a picture with her and her Dad Larry!


We did some “fixer Upper” stuff around the house!


Had and to move everything OUT!



Summer weather is here so that means lots of gardening (which is mostly weed pulling).  It has taken up so much time and I have not conquered it all yet. Praying you have a great June with lots of relaxation (enjoy some for me too!).

Oriental Poppy! “Royal wedding”


Watermelon Days!


It has been a busy week, like usual.  We had some beautiful sunrises:


Sunrise over river by a bridge on the way to work.

Sunrise over river by a bridge on the way to work.

A beautiful sunset too!

Reflection of the setting sun in river.

Reflection of the setting sun in river.

And the reason we have been having such morning and evening beauty is due to a fire nearby.  Here is a picture of the cloud of smoke it has produced:

Smoke cloud from fire near Idaho City.

Smoke cloud from fire near Idaho City.

We had a full moon not too long ago and I took this picture!

Full Moon! S the corner of the shed shows how close they come. Also, see the smoke on the horizon.

Full Moon! Seeing the corner of the shed shows how close they come. Also, see the smoke on the horizon.

We have been fortunate that there have not been many fires nearby this summer!  It gets loud and crazy when the helicopters are coming and going every fifteen minutes!

Summer is winding down, we have already had a slight frost and you can feel fall starting to make it’s presence known.  I hope you all enjoy the last days of summer eating all the corn-on-the-cob you can sink your teeth into – followed up with an ear to ear watermelon-eating smile!



Summer Dreaming


Life is full!  Full of good, bad, hard, sweet, harsh, gentle, peaceful and overwhelming moments.

In a make-believe world I would spend my summer days picking a bouquet of flowers in the morning, walking through my lovely, weed-free garden, with dew drops gently falling off the beautiful, vibrant flowers.


I would then enter my cozy, clean home and arrange them in a breath-taking array in a gorgeous vase which was a gift from my dearest friend.



I would place them on my desk


where I would write my daily correspondents to all my friends and loved ones.


Lunch, made up of fresh vegetables, creamy dressing, sarsaparilla tea, and lemon drop cookies, would be next on the schedule.


cookie sars

I would find my way to my bedroom with white drapes that fall to the floor with a gentle breeze blowing through, swaying the drapes, causing them to billow in and out like breathing.


I would lie on my chaise lounge

drapes 2

with my tea cup poodle


and read from my book of poems.


Falling asleep, I would dream of being rowed upon a still mountain lake


with the man of my dreams feeding me grapes while cooling my hot brow with a slow moving fan.

I would arise from my slumber refreshed and looking forward to preparing a scrumptious dinner for that man of my dreams who took me to his heart, to cherish me for a lifetime.


We would spend the evening sharing our day and reminiscing about our happy lives.  When darkness fell we would meander into the parlor and share deep rich coffee and luscious chocolate cake!



Sleep would come easy and sweet as we drifted off to dream land.

This is my dream world


Uuum, then reality hits.

I wake up, sit up and feel pains in my back.  Monday through Thursday I stumble around the house trying to get ready and out the door so I can catch my transit bus to work.  On the bus I read and look out the window at the beautiful view, and lately, often start falling to sleep!  What is up with that?  I work many hours then ride the bus back home, and at that point it is even harder to stay awake.  (As the years go by this is more of a problem then it use to be.)  I am so grateful when my hubby is around when I get home.  Sometimes he is out of town doing mission trips or speaking at a YWAM base.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to share him but I love when he is there to greet me.  In the winter the fire is going and the house is cozy.  (When he’s not there it means I MUST take the dogs for their evening walk, make the fire after bringing in loads of wood.  It also means heating up a frozen TV dinner.)  After dinner we sometimes watch TV or sit in the hot tub.  On the weekends I still wake up early, old habits die hard, then I waste my time watching TV until I feel so guilt ridden from the looks that Luke, the dog, is giving me that I get out and take them for a walk.  We are so blessed with spectacular views and a great path along the river.  (If only my knees could regrow cartilage!)  Then it’s back to the house and yard where I try to spend some time cleaning and weeding but that too requires better knees and so I have learned to “lower my standards” (or LYS as Hubster and I have learned to say to each other.)  The two dogs that track in sand, mud, and cockle burs along with the shedding cat have added to the need for LYSing beyond my wildest dreams.  No longer do I pride myself on my housekeeping skill but there are worse things to regret!  We are excited every chance we get to see our kids and our grands.  Life is too short to miss any opportunities to listen to their stories, watch their games, make donuts or play games with them until the sun goes down.

I have been so busy and have not posted for quite awhile and am going to try to be more faithful to this blog.  My plans are to share some pictures from the things we have been doing.  Don’t give up on me!!

Love to all!