Monthly Archives: February 2018

Weird Winter Weather!


It’s been a weird winter here in Lake Woebegon, oops, I mean Cascade!  No snow except in mountains, the temps have often been above freezing (even at night!), Winter Carnival in McCall, especially the second weekend was strange, (sculptures melted to where it was hard to say what it was!) the aspen tree is starting to bud out already, the red winged black birds are back and the geese look like they want to start nesting.  We had a four helicopter drill fly around and over our house today, talk about loud!  It is drab and dreary with the gray clouds all around and the brown dirt everywhere.  Sorry, that’s the end of my complaining!!!

On a happier note our oldest celebrated her 40th birthday.  They live in Wales, UK and it looked like she had an excellent weekend!!!!

Last weekend was SuperBowl Sunday and we enjoyed that!  We were really happy that the Eagles won!!

The Teens that were there for the game!

Kelly and I enjoyed our time together!


Jimmy Fasa sat in on some of the game but did not like the loud yelling!

I snapped this picture after work last week just to enjoy the McCall pedestrians!

Deer Crossing

I took some pictures of animal tracks in the mud!

Some animal tracks I have come across on our walks.

And then there was this!!

Sasquatch!!! Wowzer!! Barefoot in Feb? There were more but this one was the best!!

In closing here is a beautiful mountain picture:


And finally, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!   Love makes the world go around!!