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Looking Back on Christmas 2017


Christmas 2017 was quiet with just Hubster and me for the Christmas Eve and Day.

Taken Christmas Eve spent with just me, Hubster, and all the critters.

For New Years the Meyer Family got together for our yearly celebration!  We played games, we ate, we played cards, we ate, we watched movies, we ate!

New Years Eve Appetizers! Yum to the Max
Great Effort by ALL!
Miles drinking from the mug!
Chowing down!
Fun Couple
Fun Couples (Brothers and wives)
Fun Cousins
Fun Cousins
Fun Darth Vader
Ava and Isaac
Fun Son
Kel and me!!
The Girls
Zekee Bob
All the grands in one place with the old grands
The mess at the end of present time! See Hubster sitting in his chair. He did great for just having back surgery!!!
Game Time
Larissa brought an “Ugly Sweater” cookie kit with frosting!

As we said our sad goodbyes we thanked God for our dear loved ones and asked the Lord’s blessings on each one!

Our daughter across the pond sent some picture and though we missed them sorely they had a very Merry Christmas too!

Dave Sarah and Talayla
Kissin goin on here!
Christmas Angel at her school Christmas party!
Special Christmas Cake