Monthly Archives: February 2017

A Little Lip Smacking


Words can paint pictures such as the following paragraph out of a book I am reading:

The three infants in the cots were asleep, swaddled securely, eyelids pale as moonstones etched with a tracery of blue veins.  Newborns should be rounded and padded and pink, but all of these babies were angular as bundles of sticks wrapped in paper.



Pictures can make you feel words such as the following Caleb Meyer painting that made me ache deep in my gut and brought words like:  Powerful Storm, Run for your life, God’s glory is astounding,


Painting entitled: “From the Ground Up” available at Dana Gallery in Missoula, MT


Actions can speak louder than words such as when you take a grandchild by their hand and hold them to your heart with a big smack of your juicy wet lips.  That shows them you love them more than just saying you do!

Praying that you find words that move you, pictures that punch you in the guts and plenty of of chap stick to hold up through all the smooching your lips can possibly perform!