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Saying Goodbye to June and July (Part 1)


Summer is flying by and soon it will be August!  It goes so quickly!!!  I wanted to catch up a bit so am mostly going to post pics:

Early morning June walks:

Early morning fog

Pink Clover Up Close

Lovely Pink


We hiked up to Blue Lake with some good friends and took so many wonderful pictures:

Lakeside Smiles

Such Cuties

Hubone and me

There were so many flowers:

And some great scenery and interesting rock:

Then we moved into the 4th of July which means Cascade Parade, hot temps, and fireworks!


Next, we had our good friends, (Rob’s college roommate and his wonderful wife) come from Nebraska!  We laughed and played and tried to cram in as much as we possibly could in our few days:  We started by going on a canoe trip to Cabarton Bridge.

Crazy, beautiful sky giving us some nice shade once in a while!

The wifey’s got to sit in the “Hospital Chairs” and enjoy the scenery! (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!!)

Then we took them up to Camp Perkins and we frolicked up there!!

Sawtooth Mountains! They still have my heart!!

This is the meadow that we use to walk to when we lived at camp. It is timeless and beautiful with the river flowing through it.

A little cuddle time in the meadow.

Meadow Selfie!!!!

We had a fun night playing cards before we had to go back home the next day!  We got a little silly!

The middle of July found me heading back up to the Sawtooths with my sweet Sis-in-Law for our annual girlie camp – 40goinN!  As usual, we had a blast with lots of laughs and some sweet times of heart sharing.  Most of these pics were taken by Kel.

Starting out – so clean and tidy!

Setting up camp!

Fun started out quickly!

Me and my partners in crime.

Group Pic first night!

Breakfast cheers!

Second night costumes. War Nurses!

Some other outfits!

Group picture 2nd night!


A morning “Get Up”

Last night festivities my character was “Teacup Lady”. I was a woman of “Ill Repute!”

Last night group picture!


More June Pictures in July!


Here are some more early morning doggy constitutional  pictures.  I am so thankful for those two darlings that get me out so early!


Quote from Ann Voskamp’s THE BROKEN WAY, pg 125

“I don’t know how to love like I want.  I don’t know how to smooth out angst or stress or worry, but I know you either leave your worries with God or your worries will make you leave God.”

True Words!



June 2018 Happenings


Okay!  Once again I have to apologize for being so far behind.  I am working on getting caught up in so many areas and this is one for sure.  We have had such a busy spring, and early summer and now I find that we are in the second half of July and it has taken me by surprise.

I am posting some early June pics just because I want to share the glory of God.

Pine Tree Wonder showing the new growth and buds.



White Flower Beauty


Queen Annes Lace


Snowball Bush Viburnum




Bridal Veil

A Study in Green


Green Baby Currents


Colorful Flowers


Brilliant Oriental Poppy


Popping Pink Peony



Wild and Not So Wild Creatures


Jimmy Fasa Snoozin in the Orchids


Sandhill Crane on the Airport Runway – I hope he filed a flight plan.

Last but not least some countryside pics.


Rays out of the Clouds


Clouds Over the Mountains


Full Moon Setting on Snow Covered Mountaintop


Early Morning Full Moon River Reflection

That’s all for now but I hope to be back soon!