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Idle Tongues


I heard this on a show I was watching and wrote it down.  It is good and true yet quaint (I like that word!) :

“I endeavor to always forget the words of idle tongues.”

I will work on practicing the words of the wise woman who made this statement.  One way I can endeavor to forget it is by putting my mind on higher things.  Things like this:


IMG_4070 (1)


IMG_4036 (1)





Yes this!


Beauty, goodness, peace,  and joy – set your mind on such things (also, on any pretty flowers you may find in YOUR yard)!


Watermelon Days!


It has been a busy week, like usual.  We had some beautiful sunrises:


Sunrise over river by a bridge on the way to work.

Sunrise over river by a bridge on the way to work.

A beautiful sunset too!

Reflection of the setting sun in river.

Reflection of the setting sun in river.

And the reason we have been having such morning and evening beauty is due to a fire nearby.  Here is a picture of the cloud of smoke it has produced:

Smoke cloud from fire near Idaho City.

Smoke cloud from fire near Idaho City.

We had a full moon not too long ago and I took this picture!

Full Moon! S the corner of the shed shows how close they come. Also, see the smoke on the horizon.

Full Moon! Seeing the corner of the shed shows how close they come. Also, see the smoke on the horizon.

We have been fortunate that there have not been many fires nearby this summer!  It gets loud and crazy when the helicopters are coming and going every fifteen minutes!

Summer is winding down, we have already had a slight frost and you can feel fall starting to make it’s presence known.  I hope you all enjoy the last days of summer eating all the corn-on-the-cob you can sink your teeth into – followed up with an ear to ear watermelon-eating smile!



Summer Dreaming


Life is full!  Full of good, bad, hard, sweet, harsh, gentle, peaceful and overwhelming moments.

In a make-believe world I would spend my summer days picking a bouquet of flowers in the morning, walking through my lovely, weed-free garden, with dew drops gently falling off the beautiful, vibrant flowers.


I would then enter my cozy, clean home and arrange them in a breath-taking array in a gorgeous vase which was a gift from my dearest friend.



I would place them on my desk


where I would write my daily correspondents to all my friends and loved ones.


Lunch, made up of fresh vegetables, creamy dressing, sarsaparilla tea, and lemon drop cookies, would be next on the schedule.


cookie sars

I would find my way to my bedroom with white drapes that fall to the floor with a gentle breeze blowing through, swaying the drapes, causing them to billow in and out like breathing.


I would lie on my chaise lounge

drapes 2

with my tea cup poodle


and read from my book of poems.


Falling asleep, I would dream of being rowed upon a still mountain lake


with the man of my dreams feeding me grapes while cooling my hot brow with a slow moving fan.

I would arise from my slumber refreshed and looking forward to preparing a scrumptious dinner for that man of my dreams who took me to his heart, to cherish me for a lifetime.


We would spend the evening sharing our day and reminiscing about our happy lives.  When darkness fell we would meander into the parlor and share deep rich coffee and luscious chocolate cake!



Sleep would come easy and sweet as we drifted off to dream land.

This is my dream world


Uuum, then reality hits.

I wake up, sit up and feel pains in my back.  Monday through Thursday I stumble around the house trying to get ready and out the door so I can catch my transit bus to work.  On the bus I read and look out the window at the beautiful view, and lately, often start falling to sleep!  What is up with that?  I work many hours then ride the bus back home, and at that point it is even harder to stay awake.  (As the years go by this is more of a problem then it use to be.)  I am so grateful when my hubby is around when I get home.  Sometimes he is out of town doing mission trips or speaking at a YWAM base.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to share him but I love when he is there to greet me.  In the winter the fire is going and the house is cozy.  (When he’s not there it means I MUST take the dogs for their evening walk, make the fire after bringing in loads of wood.  It also means heating up a frozen TV dinner.)  After dinner we sometimes watch TV or sit in the hot tub.  On the weekends I still wake up early, old habits die hard, then I waste my time watching TV until I feel so guilt ridden from the looks that Luke, the dog, is giving me that I get out and take them for a walk.  We are so blessed with spectacular views and a great path along the river.  (If only my knees could regrow cartilage!)  Then it’s back to the house and yard where I try to spend some time cleaning and weeding but that too requires better knees and so I have learned to “lower my standards” (or LYS as Hubster and I have learned to say to each other.)  The two dogs that track in sand, mud, and cockle burs along with the shedding cat have added to the need for LYSing beyond my wildest dreams.  No longer do I pride myself on my housekeeping skill but there are worse things to regret!  We are excited every chance we get to see our kids and our grands.  Life is too short to miss any opportunities to listen to their stories, watch their games, make donuts or play games with them until the sun goes down.

I have been so busy and have not posted for quite awhile and am going to try to be more faithful to this blog.  My plans are to share some pictures from the things we have been doing.  Don’t give up on me!!

Love to all!


In The Wild!


Walking the doggies this morning I took a picture of all the different flowers I could find!  I hope you enjoy them!






I also found new growth on the pine trees and some baby currents.  These speak of things to come and made me glad.




God’s handiwork is on display for ALL to see!!!



What Is It About…




What is it about the silhouette of bare. black branches against a gentle winter morning sunrise?

snow 3

Snow 2

snow 1

What is it about the glitter-like sparkle of new fallen snow?

What is it about the heart warming feeling of a young child’s arm thrown around your neck and their soft cheek pressing into yours?

What is it about the scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, cooling on the table, waiting to be devoured?

2015-01-07 08.58.20

What is it about the exquisite beauty of an intricate flower blooming in mid winter in my sun room (more beautiful then any of Solomon’s clothing)?

What is it about the seasons, each one so different and unique in a small mountain town, and the speeding up of their passing as time goes by?

To me, it is all about the wonderful handiwork of our Heavenly Father, who delights in blessing His children with good things!

So then, what are trials, hardships, abuse, deep sadness, and seemingly impossible-to-get-through situations all about?

They are our opportunity to turn to our Heavenly Father, lean into His goodness and blessing and say “I trust you Lord in the good times and bad.  You, who are always faithful, are holding me tight and You will get me through this!”

I can tell you – it works!


It’s In the Perspective!


This post was started last month so is a little out of date!  For instance, snow, frost, cold – all seem long gone.  We have had a strangely warm weather pattern for the last couple of week that will probably continue into this next week.  I know better then to think that the cold season is over but am enjoying the warmth while it last.  Please enjoy some perspectives I have found in these pictures.

My camera eye has been drawn to weird things lately, as you will see.

Interesting shell on dry riverbed.

Interesting shell on dry riverbed.

This seems to be a larger then normal snail shell (at least for our little river).  My eye was drawn to that area and at first I did not know why until I looked closely and saw the shell.  The shell is a symbol of planned, patterned, normal in the midst of chaos.  Not everyone will see it that way but time and again, I feel a sense of calm looking at that shell.

Someone is saying where are my white sunglasses!

Someone is saying where are my white sunglasses!

Once again, I was drawn to look deep into this puddle near the river’s edge to look at what seemed out of the normal and I saw the white sunglasses.  I chuckled to think that someone’s floaty rolled over and off went their favorite sunglasses into the water.  Was it you?  Well maybe they will still be there in the spring.  I feel a sense of humor looking at this picture.

Yucky Muck!

Yucky Muck!

This is a pile of yuck formed in a bend in the river.  With the river water level down it is yuckier then ever.  The film of goo, the dark trailing moss, the tangle of sticks all form a picture that feels sinister.

Do You Ever Feel Muted?

Do You Ever Feel Muted?

Sometimes we all feel like we are lost in the crowd, not recognized for who we are, or simply buried under our false identities.  I was drawn to this statue of a girl and a boy in one of my flower beds because it reminds me of how I can feel if I let myself wallow in self-pity or let the weight of burdens wear me down.


River Snags

River Snags

This is a recent picture, and I might have shown this scene before.  These two logs sticking way out of the water at low water level are two of the snags we have to watch out for in the summer when we raft down the river.  Then just the tips of these two sneaky logs can be seen and it is fun to paddle our hearts out trying to get around them.  Some day we might just see what happens if we let the tubes go where they will.  (Are ya game Kel?)

Choochie has struck again!

Choochie has struck again!

This was taken in the midst of a visit from Choochie!  It is a fun chaos that pops up shortly upon her arrival.  Fortunately, Choochie’s mother is very good about helping to clean up before they leave.  This makes me feel happy and I want to say “Ohhhh” in a sustained gushy voice, with my head tilting to one side and my eyebrows forming into an expression that says “She is so sweet”! (Just have a few grandkids and you will know exactly what face I am talking about.)  It goes along with the feeling of itchy fingers that long to tickle the sweetness that causes this mess!

Christmas Eve Storm

Christmas Eve Storm

We finally got some snow on Christmas Eve – which was very timely! Beauty in white and colors!

Blown Up Cattail

Blown Up Cattail

These cattails speak of the beauty of dying to oneself.  In order for new cattails to grow the old ones have to completely, literally, come apart at the seams.  Sacrifice, not an easy thing, can be a blessing.

2015-01-17 09.35.47

2015-01-17 09.34.25

2015-01-17 09.34.12

2015-01-17 09.34.01

2015-01-17 09.33.00

2015-01-17 09.31.22

2015-01-17 09.30.09



Beauty in Frost!  These pictures were taken in my yard when we still had winter. Their beauty shows the effect of frost on metal.  Kind of like believing in good coming out of trials, there is always something to hope for even in the heart of winter and there is ALWAYS beauty for the eye to see!

Always seeking,