In The Eyes of a Two Year Old


Earlier today we went outside and picked some flowers.  Later I took some pictures.  Choochie wanted to take some pics too so I let her have the camera.  She took many pics that did not work but I thought these three were worth posting!  What do you think of our young photographer?


I love the reflection of the vase and her foot at the bottom!






Nice curves



About cascadecountry

I am finding that being grateful makes what you have more than enough!!!! I am grateful for my husband of 40+ years, my grown children and their spouses, my eight grandchildren, my two doggies. I am surrounded by a wonderful family and friends who bless my life, and I believe in the undeserved redemption that is mine in Jesus! Hubster and I live in a small mountain village in the heart of Idaho and are so grateful for the beauty that surrounds us.

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