Merry Christmas 2017


Manger Scene


Manger Scene in a Snow Globe


Snowman Plates


Snowman(s) and Christmas Tree


A Welcoming Front Door

Before the Holiday Season is over for 2017 I wanted to post a few pictures.  We had a very quiet Christmas Eve and Day!  It was peaceful and relaxing.  Got walks in and hot tub time with music and candles and a slivered moon.  It snowed off and on and at one point the sun was shining while big huge flakes were coming down.  We reflected on our blessings and prayed for continued blessing on our whole family.  We also prayed that our eyes would be open even wider to the many blessings we take for granted.  Yeah, we all face hard times but putting God in the middle of each one can only help give hope where there is no hope, and watching for the blessings in the trial gives it purpose for our good!

The following are pictures I have taken recently!  I hope you enjoy them.

The Old Homestead

Still able to wear boots, but soon snowshoes will be necessary!


Tall Pointy Pine Tree near my office in McCall


Captured from a window in my office in McCall. A storm is coming over the lake.


Purple, Sparkling Water


Reflected Clouds in River


Frosty Pine Trees on Other Side of the Fence


Mountain Majesty Across the River


As we head into the New Year 2018 I pray that it will be a wonderful year for us all.  Peace, joy, patience, goodness….  Hey, I guess I am speaking the Fruit of the Spirit into our lives!  Yes and Amen!!!!


Frost a Plenty!!!


We have been experiencing good ole frost.  Not much snow to speak of but the frost is beautiful!

Frosty Branch

Frosty Weed

Frosty Weed 2

Frosty Grass

Gloaming Frost

I took this picture real quick thinking it was an eagle, later as I was looking at it I am pretty sure it’s just a black bird.

Eagle in Flight (or maybe just some blackbird) Still interesting.

My walking companions seem to wonder why I am constantly stopping and bending over something or looking at something really close but they are fine with waiting until I am done.

Patient Dogs (Luke sometimes just waits until I am done taking pictures.)

Some pictures speak peace or closure, either closure of the day or closure of the growing season when all leaves have fallen and the ground starts to have its winter blanket.

Frosty Gloaming Picnic

This next quote is out of the book The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani, page 422:

“It seemed to Ciro that so much of life was about not holding on, but letting go and in so doing, the beauty of the past and the happiness he felt then came full circle like a band of gold.  The night sky, the cemetery, the memory of places past and the people who had been there to bear witness, provided all the constancy his heart required.  This is what it means to be part of a family.”

I am thankful for my family, the close and the extended.  We are there for each other through the good and the hard, the sweet and the bitter, the complicated and the simple.  We may not alway be able to fix each other’s problems but we can listen to a loved ones troubles and help them share the burden.  At times, when the unexplainable or the unwanted, or unacceptable things happen, we can lessen the pain. We can also lift one another up and double the joy when we share the blessings and the successes.  They are not always easy, impossible to be perfect, but family relations bring so much into our lives. At this time of year may you find yourself surrounded by loved ones – even if it’s on social media!!!

Almost Christmas!





Oh to Long to be Holy


River Reflecting the Sun.

Words to live by:

“If you feel the call of the Spirit, then be holy with all your soul, with all your heart, and with all your strength.  If, however, because of human weakness, you cannot be holy, then be perfect with all your soul, with all your heart, and with all your strength.

But if you cannot be perfect because of the vanity of your life, then be good with all your soul . . . .  Yet, if you cannot be good because of the trickery of the evil one, then be wise with all your soul . . .

If, in the end, you can neither be holy, nor perfect, nor good, nor wise because of the weight of your sins, then carry this weight before God and surrender your life to His divine mercy.

If you do this, without bitterness, with all humility, and with a joyous spirit due to the tenderness of a God who loves the sinful and ungrateful, then you will begin to feel what it is to be wise, you will learn what it is to be good, and you will slowly aspire to be perfect, and finally you will long to be holy.”

RUTHLESS TRUST, by Brennan Manning, Page 126

SOOOOOO  GOOOOOD!  If only . . . .   So many times I feel I fall so short of my potential, ability, purpose and plan.  But a daily laying down of my burdens helps to get me back to the start line if nothing else.  All things are possible ….   right?! …..

No River Running in Winter (In the summer the river forks there and goes around to make an island.)

Frost on Snow.

Sun on frosty snow


Can you find the hunting dog?


Now can you find him?

Happy December!



So a while back I decided to not pay the $100 a year to keep my Cascadecountry blog as big as it was.  I deleted old post and pictures and thought it would be no problem.  BUT!!    Once that went through it was as if I no longer had control over the blog.  I could NOT figure out how to access my desktop!  Praise the Lord!  Today I was finally able to figure it out!  I am one grateful girlie!!

More to come but just for now here is a picture I took of our resident eagle sitting in his favorite tree across the river!  One grateful girl checking out!!!


Happenings in Cascade!


Here are some pics from our hike to Blue Lake a couple of weekends ago:

Beautiful Unknown


Sammy Hiding in the Shade of Big Rock

Majestic Pine trees

Indian Paintbrush with Penstemon

Indian Paint Brush with White Flowers

Shooting Stars Galore

Charteuse Green


This weekend marks the 5th birthday of our grand baby, Judah, who passed away 7 days later.  God is faithful to heal and though tears still flow when remembering his short life here on earth, it is such a comfort to know that we will one day get to hold him and hug him and tell him how much we love him.  Our prayers are with Sarah especially during this time.

It has been SO SO SMOKEY here!  There are small fires all around us but the big fire is in eastern Oregon!  It is hard to even want to be outside.  Yesterday I stayed in ALL day (and that’s tough to say when it is glorious summertime!).  I did get the financial books done for Harvest Frontiers, which is a VERY good thing!

We went to church in Horseshoe Bend this morning and enjoyed the service there!

Not much more to post other than to say I am learning that being grateful also means not finding fault or being judgmental.  I have lived for a long time in the land of Criticism where I made myself the Supreme Court Justice.  I have fired myself and will not get severance pay!  I don’t think I will miss the payments of bitterness and guilt that I received for my service to the court!!!

I am going to go bake something with rhubarb . . .  and lots of sugar . . . got to sweeten myself up somehow!!!

Peace – Out!



What have we been up to???  Well fourth of July came and went:


Happy 4th


A Grass Fire Works

Syringa Berry


Just Dandy! A mini fireworks

A Clematis getting ready to bloom!

Cascade 4th of July parade! Sent to me by Kelly – photo bombed big time!


Next I had a much looked forward to girlie campout – Forty Going North

Montage of Campers by Kelly, my camper mate!!

Stare Down at Breakfast

We had a murder mystery:  Trailer Park Murder.  I made trailer trash sushi (just a pickle wrapped in ham spread with cream cheese and sliced!)

Me, Susie Ann!

My daughters, Missy Ann (left), Sally Ann (right)

Some of us had to play boy parts! It was a hoot!!!


The Victim

We each brought old junk from home, laid it out on tables, drew numbers and then went down the line getting to choose one item at a time.  Always a hit!

Yard Sale Line Up

Waiting for their number to come up!


Craft Time

Craft Time


Vintage Western Night

Dancing in the Party Barn

Square Dance


Party Barn

And finally, last night, we went to a Shakespeare Play, Hunchback of Notre Dame.  It was phenomenal!!!

At Shakespeare Play (shared by Marty)


We also hiked to Blue Lake on Friday but I will post those pictures later!  Here are just some random pics!

Sarah and Talayla in Wales! He is the “new man” and probably “the One”!

A crazy Loop-de-doop grass head.

Current Leaves Turning

Overrun Birdhouse

I hope your month of July has been full of fun like mine!!!


Purple Majesty and Inspirationals


“Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.”  Unknown

Dainty purple daisy

Purple shooting stars

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”  (Winnie the Pooh)

Purple penstemon

Close up of penstemon

“We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.”  Earnest Hemingway

Unknown purples flowers

Short purple lupine

Tall purple lupine

“I’ll never fit in.  That’s one of my best qualities…”  Terri Willingham

Purple chives

Wild geraniums

“Know this:  You can start over, each morning.”  Unknown

Purple columbine

More columbine

“Chin up Buttercup!  You have people that love you no matter what!”  Unknown

Dark purple iris

Blue iris

“Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are.”  Unknown

Poppy! Orange you shocked?

“The smarter you get the less you speak.”  Unknown

Proof of frost in late June

Frost on the car this morning 6/28/17.

Inside unknown flower

Unknown flower type

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.” Unknown

Pink lilacs

Pink bleeding hearts

Dark pink iris

“When you arise in the morning think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breath, to think, to enjoy, to love.”  Marcus Aurelius

Queen Anne’s lace

Chartreuse hops

“Your Soul doesn’t care what you do for a living and when your life is over neither will you.  Your Soul cares only about what you are Being while you are doing whatever you are doing.” Unknown

Purple thistle

“Insert pictures of your flowers without any weeds to be seen and all will think you are a great gardener!”  Kim Meyer

Love to all!!!



Humble Beginnings!


This morning I walked around my yard and tried to capture the tiny moments of joy that came as I saw the beginning of my flowers starting to poke out!  It has been a long cold winter and spring so everything is behind a little!  I know they will still make quite a showing before summer is over!


I can’t remember the name of these darling little pink flowers but I love them!


Elderberry Flowers


Old Fashioned Lilacs


Choke Cherry Blossoms


Lily of the Valley

Johnny Jump Ups


New Growth on Little Pine Tree

I read this sentence out of the Victoria Magazine, April/May issue, page 15:  “To have humility,” observed Dag Hammarskjold, “is to experience reality, not in relation to ourselves but in its sacred independence.”

I thought long and hard about that.  In other words:  “The world doesn’t revolve around me!”  And “I am not responsible for everyone’s happiness.”  Or maybe the world is bigger and better than I can imagine.  I also thought that it is too bad that often when I am talking to someone I am too busy thinking about what I want to say to listen to what they are saying.

Here’s to trying to get perspective on life.  Wanting to be humble and at peace.  Hoping that for you as well!!!