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What have we been up to???  Well fourth of July came and went:


Happy 4th


A Grass Fire Works

Syringa Berry


Just Dandy! A mini fireworks

A Clematis getting ready to bloom!

Cascade 4th of July parade! Sent to me by Kelly – photo bombed big time!


Next I had a much looked forward to girlie campout – Forty Going North

Montage of Campers by Kelly, my camper mate!!

Stare Down at Breakfast

We had a murder mystery:  Trailer Park Murder.  I made trailer trash sushi (just a pickle wrapped in ham spread with cream cheese and sliced!)

Me, Susie Ann!

My daughters, Missy Ann (left), Sally Ann (right)

Some of us had to play boy parts! It was a hoot!!!


The Victim

We each brought old junk from home, laid it out on tables, drew numbers and then went down the line getting to choose one item at a time.  Always a hit!

Yard Sale Line Up

Waiting for their number to come up!


Craft Time

Craft Time


Vintage Western Night

Dancing in the Party Barn

Square Dance


Party Barn

And finally, last night, we went to a Shakespeare Play, Hunchback of Notre Dame.  It was phenomenal!!!

At Shakespeare Play (shared by Marty)


We also hiked to Blue Lake on Friday but I will post those pictures later!  Here are just some random pics!

Sarah and Talayla in Wales! He is the “new man” and probably “the One”!

A crazy Loop-de-doop grass head.

Current Leaves Turning

Overrun Birdhouse

I hope your month of July has been full of fun like mine!!!


Pioneer Spirit!

A pano of camp sight

A pano of campsight

My hubster and I went camping and I got to thinking about why it is so much fun, especially now that I have a cute camper.  (If it wasn’t cute it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.)  Why do I enjoy cooking in a cramped space having to dash hither and yon to get food out of the cooler outside, bending down on hands and knees to get something out of a bin stored under the bed, having to wipe every pan before I can use it because they get dusty traveling over dirt roads -they are near the wheel well.  Then after having prepped and eaten the meal the clean up begins and that means lugging pots of water to heat into the camper then lugging them back out to the tubs on the picnic table to wash them, and that can get gross with the water getting cold and full of floaties.  Yikes.

Night time is a little rough having to crawl over my sleeping husband’s body to get outside to use the little girl’s room, stumbling around in the dark camper looking for shoes and jacket to slip on before facing the arctic weather outside the camper, then crawling back over him and snuggling back down and almost nodding off before realizing I really need a drink of water.

Cleanliness being next to godliness is much harder in the great outdoors – some days I am doing good to brush my teeth and wash my face.

Washing Up!

Washing Up!


It’s the times of sitting down to eat, enjoying the food in the great outdoors where it always tastes better then at home and the ambiance of the surrounding spectacular views, listening to the pine trees sway in the breeze and the soft calling of birds to one another.

Sometimes that’s not QUITE how it is, for instance on the first night our darling daughter and her hubster came for dinner.  (Our campsite was only 15 minutes drive out of Cascade – with their baby due any day we don’t want to go too far.)  About the time we sat down to dinner the wind came up and drops of rain began to fall.  Fortunately, it did not turn into a full-blown storm and we were able to eat our dinner and then enjoyed some time around the fire, making s’mores and talking.  At one point in the evening I overheard my hubtana saying, “yeah, she likes to play house.”  That is what this camping is to him – it is me playing house and he gets to be the “man of the camp” who sits and reads his paper.  (He does pitch in and help!)

Stormy Sunset

Stormy Sunset

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow


Sarah, 9 months pg!

I got to thinking about it and I am here to tell you – it’s more than playing house!  It is the closest I will get to being a Pioneer!  It’s imagining that we are on a trip across the country in a covered wagon and looking at the sweeping panorama it is easy to imagine what it must have been like to pack up all you own and travel for months across great wide prairies listening to coyotes at night and seeing thundering herds of buffalo and a wild Indian here and there…   That is the bottom line.  It’s that pioneering spirit rising up and trying to prove that I could have been such a great pioneer woman.  I use to think that and dream about it after having read the whole series of Little House on the Prairie many times.  But I will admit, I know the truth about myself, I could have been a pioneer woman, only if every once in awhile, we pulled into town and I got to stay at a Holiday Inn with a shower, room service and soft sheets.  Once again – I’m Just Saying!




Fall Has Flung!


This beautiful picture was taken a few years ago.  It is a hillside covered with Tamaracks on the way to Boise near Smith’s Ferry.  I never knew about Tamaracks until we moved to Cascade.  They are deciduous trees that hide in amongst the pine trees all summer and then turn a golden color in mid-fall, then the leaves fall off and it waits until spring to disguise itself in the pine trees all over again.  We had a real blustering wind with quite a downpour on Monday morning and it striped the leaves off of the trees, see the before and after pictures:  (The picture on left was taken first week in October right picture taken today.)
The fall has always had my heart!  I am only sad that it goes too fast.  Soon the leaves will be completely gone and it will be time to hunker down and wait out the winter.  Thinking about my childhood and the month of October – I remember  looking so forward to “trick or treating”, thinking about what kind of costume I could come up with, the party at school.  Being raised in a family of five kids, and not much money for “extravagant splurges” such as candy, it was a very looked forward to time of the year.  I remember drawing pictures of full moons with witches flying through on their broom sticks, owls hooting in bare trees, ghost floating along dark empty paths.  I honestly remember having a spook house at our church youth group one night (course it was just walking blindfolded with a guide and sticking our hands in bowls of eyeballs (olives), brains (noodles) and guts (jello with non-descript chunks). When my kids came along and it was time to decorate for fall I started out just putting up only “cute” pictures of witches and ghost and green monsters with bloodshot eyes.  We took our kids to the good neighborhoods to “trick or treat” where there were lots of houses close together that gave out good treats.  (And believe me, Hubby and I got our fair share of the stash after the kids hit the hay that night)  By the time our kids were in their teenage years we were starting to grow in our relationship with God as a family and in our own personal lives, and realized that maybe celebrating witches and ghosts and devils might not be such a good idea.  It is so wonderful that now a days there is the option of “Harvest Parties” and “Fall Festivals”.
Blustering winds that blow the gold and red leaves off the trees
An owl hooting in the deep dusk
The smell of leaves returning to the soil
Dark clouds rolling over the mountain tops
Trees swaying and bowing with the blowing winds.
Leaves spattering against you walking in the gloaming
Ducks gathering on the river
Geese honking overhead
Riffles booming in the early morning
Wind chimes shouting out “the storm is coming”
Hubby and I went camping last weekend –  it was wonderful.  We had the campground to ourselves so the doggies could run free.  The weather cooperated – rain Friday night but clouds cleared up by mid morning Saturday.  We took long walks around the lake, discovered some caves, sat in our chairs and drank coffee and read and sat around the campfire and talked, I spent time reading in the camper while Hubs worked on his teaching for the next week.  It was the best.  Now the camper is sitting out in the back forty with the winter curtains up, just waiting for the dishes and bedding to be put away and the tarp to go over it to protect it from winter.  Here are some pictures from our trip.

View of Lake From Camp Ground


Other Side of Campground With a Pond


Hubby and Doggies! On Lake Shore Near Caves


Beautiful Rock Wall


Copper Decor in Camper


Table Decor

I hope you enjoyed the title!  It was a spoof on “Spring Has Sprung!”

Happy Flinging!