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Looking Back Over 2016


I had a very sad thing happen.  I somehow lost most of my pictures from last year.  They’re gone!!!!!  There were some Herrmann family reunion pictures, birthday pictures, more cute dog pictures, some other holiday pics and much more and I can’t find them.  I am sick at heart.  So, to prevent further loss I am downloading a few pics I do have in chronological order.  Lesson learned — only I am not sure just how it happened.  Here’s what I have:


Easter Sunday 2016


Mother's Day in Missoula 2016

Mother’s Day in Missoula 2016

Mid Summer!

Siblings and two spouses

Siblings and two spouses

The whole family! Minus only a few!

The whole Meyer family! Minus only a few!

Later in the summer:

We all met up at a water park and then went out for dinner!


Older cousins, just missing one older girlie!


The other two – one hungry one sleepy!


The grown ups

Thanksgiving 2016

Darling Grands!

Darling Grands!

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Saturday after Thanksgiving - Get Christmas Trees Day

Saturday after Thanksgiving – Get Christmas Trees Day


Our Eight Grands all lined up! Tally, Zeke, Hudson, Paisley, Ava, Malia holding Miles and Ezra!!


Caleb Meyer Family Dec 2017

Caleb Meyer Family Dec 2017



Christmas 2016 at the Berndt home in Twin Falls



Be smart and take care of your pics!!


December Dreaming


Life has been very different for us for a while, thus the lack of blogging.  Between knee surgery for myself, a busy work schedule, a trip to Missoula in October, a fun filled Thanksgiving (with one special day getting the whole family together, including all 8 grandchildren to get Christmas trees for everyone), and many weekends with our three year old granddaughter – life has whizzed by.  Sometimes I have fallen far short of having a grateful heart in the midst of a trial even though I know my heavenly Father always has the best for us.  Often I have forgotten to look for the good and instead focused on the bad/hard!  I know I am not alone in handling life in this fashion but I know the cost is not worth it.  So now as we turn our thoughts to the upcoming Holiday festivities I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS (which we are guaranteed here in the heart of the mountains), I have been DECKING THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY (maybe not as much as I usually do), and looking forward to a SILENT NIGHT (Oh for a night of good sleep!).  The holiday season is drawing to a close but I am going to post this blog that has been sitting in the hopper for quite some time – like I said things have been a bit upside down lately!!!

But truly, life is a blessing, every second, and we have so very  much to be grateful for!!!  A little effort towards enjoying yourself and your loved ones has a big payoff – JOY TO THE WORLD!!!  (At least your little part of it!)

Some interesting pics!


Beauty in the morning!



Foggy River Bend

Moonscape with some crazy shadows.

Moonscape with some crazy shadows.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait … and wait… and wait…


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait  ... and wait... and wait...

Many of you know the sad story of “Kimmy and her vintage, free stove”! When we were in the midst of remodeling our home I found a stove at the free store in Donnelly and took the chance of bringing it home and it worked great… for about 6 years. Then the oven went out – boo! I tried for over a year to get someone to come fix it but could not find anyone who could. We took it to a friends house and he said he would work on it so we left it in his yard. A year later it is still sitting in his front yard and he has not fixed it. After a year of sitting outside I can’t imagine that it would still be fixable. One day last week I got a wild hair and went on Craig’s list just to see what might be out there in the wide wide world. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw a stove VERY similar to my old vintage stove??? I bet you can’t! I called and got the  “skinny”, or you could say the “low down”, or you could say the details.  Then after discussing it with Hubby we decided to try our chances and drove down to Nampa on Friday and picked it up! It is BEAUTIFUL, everything works, and it is in better condition then my previous stove. I am one “tickled pink” lady! After almost 2 1/2 years of limping along with a toaster oven and an old used stove that only had two burners that worked (and it was, of course, the small ones) I am really looking forward to all the baking and cooking in the holidays coming up! Gratitude comes easy in our house tonight!! Thank you, Lord!!!!