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Looking Back Over 2016


I had a very sad thing happen.  I somehow lost most of my pictures from last year.  They’re gone!!!!!  There were some Herrmann family reunion pictures, birthday pictures, more cute dog pictures, some other holiday pics and much more and I can’t find them.  I am sick at heart.  So, to prevent further loss I am downloading a few pics I do have in chronological order.  Lesson learned — only I am not sure just how it happened.  Here’s what I have:


Easter Sunday 2016


Mother's Day in Missoula 2016

Mother’s Day in Missoula 2016

Mid Summer!

Siblings and two spouses

Siblings and two spouses

The whole family! Minus only a few!

The whole Meyer family! Minus only a few!

Later in the summer:

We all met up at a water park and then went out for dinner!


Older cousins, just missing one older girlie!


The other two – one hungry one sleepy!


The grown ups

Thanksgiving 2016

Darling Grands!

Darling Grands!

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Saturday after Thanksgiving - Get Christmas Trees Day

Saturday after Thanksgiving – Get Christmas Trees Day


Our Eight Grands all lined up! Tally, Zeke, Hudson, Paisley, Ava, Malia holding Miles and Ezra!!


Caleb Meyer Family Dec 2017

Caleb Meyer Family Dec 2017



Christmas 2016 at the Berndt home in Twin Falls



Be smart and take care of your pics!!


Grandkid Heaven!!



Here’s my little bit of heaven!  Only Miles, who is only a few months old, is missing!  We had fun frosting sugar cookies.  When we were done the clean-up was daunting BUT the crusty dried smears of icing and the sprinkles EVERYWHERE and the crumbs smashed into the chairs and on the floor did not matter.  We had fun decorating cookies with frosting and sprinkles and Hudsey boy, far right, had fun licking the knife in between frosting a cookie so that I constantly had to get him a new one.  Now when the cookie platter is set out they all want one of the cookies they frosted and they remember that their Mimi is fun and that she loves them and that they love her.  (That’s what it is all about!)

Three Little Darlings!


Three Little Darlings!

I got to spend time with these three grandchildren over the Thanksgiving Holiday! The truth is … grandkids make life wonderful!!! I didn’t get a picture of the other three, I will get right on that and post them next. I am so thankful for each one of these special critters that God has given hubby and me. Hubby called them all turkeys and tried to take a nibble out of them, which made them scream and run away! I, Mimi, just love to kiss and squeeze any chance I get!!!

Puppy Love



Baby Sammy

So, I wanted to post SOMETHING! just because it has been so long and I know one very important rule is to post on your blog regularly.  I have no excuse!  But I am making the effort now even though the weather is still cold and rainy (although we did a wonderful weekend – 78 degrees in the shade!) and even though I haven’t taken hardly any pictures lately.

As I searched for something to blog about I came across this picture of Sammy when he was about 2 1/2 months old.  He was SO SO SO cute!!!  He is now 3 years old and a joy to both Rob and me.  His personality is so loving and playful.  Sometimes I just squeeze him.  And even though he has been known to be naughty a few times, and has brought fleas home and ticks and inches of dirt and mounds of stickers  and balls of snow we both LOVE to spoil him and his brother Luke (our other dog that I will share about on another day).

Grown-up Sammy

Here he is all grown up.  It is hard to see his eyes because they are black and blend right in.  I will stick one more picture in just so you can see both of our darlings.  (Of course our kids think we are bonkers!  The way we treat our dogs you would think they were human or something.)  But then doggies love you and follow you around and beg you for walks and bones and are happy to just sit on your lap – unlike my kids – now that they are all grown-up and gone from home.  The doggies are the temporary substitutes for the grandkids that live out of town.


Luke and Sammy

I end with big kiss, little hug, big hug, little hug, big big big kiss!