Christmas 2018 and New Years 2019


Christmas 2018 has come and gone in the Cascade Meyer home.  It was such a great time for Hubster and me.  Cab, Jacqs and kids came in time for Christmas Eve and stayed through.  We enjoyed ourselves greatly!

Caleb, Jacque, Ezra, Ava, and Zeke! Christmas 2018
Ezra 12, Ava 10, Zeke 8
Hubster and me!

Let the party start!

Some distant celebrations!

Sarah and Dave, three of his kids – Tosh, Jesse and Isaac (and their friends) and Talayla 5, in Wales.
Jesse, Larissa, Malia 11, Paisley 8, Hudson 6, Miles 3

We had fun in the snow!

Ava sledding
Ava and Meems
Family Photo

We played games!

Ticket to Ride!

And all got together in Boise (except family in Wales) for a Holiday Bash!

In Jesse and Larissa’s lovely home!
Tree lights backlit by the sun!
Frosty Riverside
Riverside frost up close.

And finally some winter scenes taken close to home:

In thinking about the New Year I am not wanting to make any resolutions.  I have been asking myself many questions today.  Some frivolous, some middle ground, and some too serious for me.

The “minimalist” movement has caught my eye and I have started, somewhat, to move in that direction.  I was reading a Victoria Magazine today and loving all the old furniture and decorating ideas and it hit me that usually Victorian style is FAR from minimalist.  That’s when the light bulb came on in my head and why I struggle a bit with minimalism and I think I have found the answer (hopefully)!  Can one be a Victorian Minimalist????  And I think…. YES!… Yes I can.  Most minimalistic furniture is boxy and utilitarian.  What if I used classier furniture pieces (Victorian) without ALL THE SCHTUFF (Minimal) ! (Yes I spelled that correctly!)  (Maybe just a little of the schtuff – though – right?)  We’ll see if this new style goes anywhere.

I also was thinking about how funny my two boys are.  This morning Larissa, Jesse’s wife, sent a New Year greeting to a group of us and that started the ball rolling.  Before it was done Hubster and I were splitting a gut laughing.  I was reminded that laughter is the best medicine along with a healthy dose of thankfulness.  I want to choose both more!

In talking to my daughter in Wales I reflected on my desire for them to move closer.  It is really hard to not have seen them for a year and a half.  I will continue to choose to be grateful that they have each other and a whole new family.  I would so much rather Talayla has a daddy than just a Meem and Pop to help raise her and with modern technology we get to see them almost weekly so I can live with that!

Hubster has been recovering from back surgery and it has been hard for both of us.  I am glad to report that Nurse Ratchet has only come around a couple time (which is more than I like) but once again I am reminded of my selfishness.  A quote out of one of Ann Voskamp book is:  “You only love as much as you are willing to be inconvenienced.”  That kicks me in my hiney every time!!  I am reading her book, The Broken Way, and it is excellent, yet very convicting.  I want to be more giving, broken and poured out but that takes selflessness….O Lord, please help me!

I also have been thinking about family… how if relationships are not worked on they become less important.  I realize that over the years I have let some relationships become more distant than I like.  Some might not believe it but I am an extreme introvert.  I am able to be friendly, personable, talkative even.  But it leaves me drained.  Hubster knows that after I have spent the day at work being “Miss Congeniality” I am dragging physically and emotionally when I get home.  Not proud of that but have had to face the truth of the matter.  Talking on the telephone scares me!  To pick up the phone and call a long distant family member does not sound like fun.  I need to remember that when I do make the effort – or they have – then I find myself enjoying my time.  I would like to work on that!

And finally, the not so fun thoughts.  My dad is facing some tough decisions with his health.  I am praying that God gives him clear direction and peace for what lies ahead.  It is hard to know he has this struggle and that either way he chooses will be a hard road to walk.  All of us will keep him in our thoughts and prayers.  I want him to know how much we all love him and what a great man he is.  I want to be his little Kimmy again and especially at Christmas time I think about how he would play games with us and how we would go to church on Christmas Eve (sometimes twice) and then again on Christmas day and what a vital part church played in our lives.  It was in that big (to me) church in Cheyenne, Wyoming that I was taught by a very dear Sunday School Teacher about having a personal relationship with a loving Savior and about how to pray to our Father in heaven and that our prayers would be answered in God’s time and in God’s way and that is what I am asking for my daddy right now, in this hard time.

It is also because of him and his being faithful to bring us to church that I won a Midge doll (Barbie’s friend) for perfect attendance!

I pray God’s blessings for you in 2019 and may you see God’s goodness and grace!





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I am finding that being grateful makes what you have more than enough!!!! I am grateful for my husband of 40+ years, my grown children and their spouses, my eight grandchildren, my two doggies. I am surrounded by a wonderful family and friends who bless my life, and I believe in the undeserved redemption that is mine in Jesus! Hubster and I live in a small mountain village in the heart of Idaho and are so grateful for the beauty that surrounds us.

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