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Cascade September Happenings!


Here are some fun pics:

Most of the grands having a campfire with smores! (August)

Someone had a birthday in early September

School bound grandkids

These kids all got glasses!

This handsome boy already had them but now he has company!

A special affects pictures from Wales


Fall foliage

Huge tree in McCall

Syringa Berries

Trees in downtown Cascade

Sun rise and sun set.

Sunrise in mid Septerber 2018


Just a mix of stuff

A violet in house

A violet outside. They are such dainty, cute flowers but so hardy!

Kitty in the wild! He heard a squirrel!

Some projects around the house!

Shed before

Shed After

Chair Before

Chair Before

Chair After

Chair After

Last Sunday Hubbs and I were listening to the sermon from Cab and Jacq’s church – Zootown.  We were reminded, once again, of the truth that God is faithful!


I, like many people, have prayed for others and encouraged others that God will do as He says, that there is NO WAY he wouldn’t because He is God and He is faithful.  BUT!!!  When it comes to myself there is a real struggle.  So often I feel that I don’t deserve God’s faithfulness.

Some background would be the following stories:  There was a time in my life, about 20 years ago, when I went through a time of an extremely close relationship with God.  I found myself awake in the middle of the night.  I would get up and spend time in prayer and Bible study.  I sensed God’s presence and felt that He spoke to me and had deep times of worship.  It was an awesome time I will never forget.  In the middle of that time Rob’s folks died in a car accident on their way to visit us.  If you would have asked me my biggest struggle at that time I would have told you that I felt it was so UNFAIR!  We didn’t deserve that!  In a time of deep spiritual growth I felt I got my butt kicked!

Fast forward to about six years ago, I picked up an old book that I had in my camper, mostly for show because it was cute.  I was excited to read a book about a man who wanted to have a better relationship with God and walked me through the steps to do just that.  It was a time of encouragement and strengthening of my faith and I felt healed in my spirit.  Then we found ourselves walking through the death of a grandchild at one week old.  Witnessing my daughter go through that struggle was intensely painful not to mention my own pain and anguish.  Once again I felt myself kicked to the curb right after turning back to God.

About three years later Hubby and I found a book, Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning.  It is an amazing book about learning to trust God in the hard things.  Even the REALLY HARD things!!  We reflected back on times in our life where trials and troubles shook our trust in God and knew that we really needed to work in that area.  We had great discussions and I felt like we were turning the corner and then BLAM!  Once again we were faced with another death.  A different, yet very hard death, the death of a ministry and we found ourselves walking away from our church through no ones fault but our own.  It took some time, I am not going to lie, but we realized our part.  Our judgmental and entitlement attitudes helped bring about this struggle.  There was deep hurt and anger which over time, by God’s grace, turned to repentance and humility.

One residual problem because of these hard times, which probably is the reason most people struggle with the same issue, is that feelings of unworthiness creep up at times.  We have also unfairly placed burdens on each other to fulfill our needs because we did not want to depend on God or trust Him to be the faithful God he is.  We spent time talking this all over and once again, we will turn to God with as ruthless trust as we can muster, taking one step at a time to draw closer to our God who is faithful no matter whether you deserve or not.  I find myself being thankful that God is FAITHFUL to remind us that He is FAITHFUL and there is nothing we can do about that!!  (Praise God!!!)

A quote I came across recently on Instagram:


I think this is talking about the very foundation of ruthless trust.  Nothing will shake your foundation of trust if that trust is buried deep and strong.

As Jesus said:  “My peace I leave with you!”