Worship From the Heart!


Listening to the Celtic Women Special my heart soars!  So beautiful are these women, their dresses are the colors of the rainbow!  The violin is played by a darling, long blond woman who dances around while music flows from her instrument.  But the most special part is the voices of these angels!  I am always uplifted and at peace with the world when I get a chance to hear them.

One of the songs was performed by a darling new girl who they introduced as Ava, right there she had my heart.  She sang a moving song that is the essence of why we worship .  I just HAD to share the words with you.  May they bless you as they did me!!!


No storm can shake my inmost calm

While to this rock I’m clinging.

How can I ever come to harm

How can I keep from singing.


Then sings my soul with love profound

A fountain ever springing

Deep from the earth

How sweet the sound

How can I keep from singing.







Enjoy one of my granddaughters!  She makes me sing!!


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