We’ve Got a Live Wire!

We’ve Got a Live Wire!

Someone mentioned to me that I have not posted a bus story in a while.  And it is true.  There has not been much happening on the Transit other than some new drivers, which is only a cause for complaint.  Let’s just say – adding new drivers in the middle of winter when the roads are bad, really bad this year, along with it being Winter Carnival (which is crazy anyho0) has made for a long commute and getting home 20-30 minutes later than usual.  One particular day the “newby” took two wrong turns and we ended up in strange territory as far as the bus world goes.

I would also add that I have come to see a huge difference in driving styles between said bus drivers.  Some are gentle drivers, slowing down for bumps, taking turns slowly while humming a quiet tune as they go, minding their own business and saying only a kind “Hello” as you get on the bus.  Others take every corner on two wheels or hit the curb cutting it too sharp.  They seem to speed up when they know a frost heave is coming and could care less if you need to head straight to the chiropractor after each ride with them.  To add insult to injury they want to know all about you, 1.  where you work  2. how your day was  3.  how many grandkids —  with each person that gets on.  See, I told you it would be a gripe session!

I am glad to report that at least the drive home has been more timely lately, and the frozen ice potholes have all but disappeared – the frost heaves on the highway remain a source of joy – if you like roller coaster rides.

For the most part though, the riders all seem to know their place and have done a good job of sticking to it.  The usual greeting, one or two questions about their day, and if some one is sick or has a family member sick we exchange that information.  The other day tho….

I knew she was trouble before placing even one “schnaazy” boot on the step up.  The sun had risen and it was bouncing off her flaming red hair!  I was the last to board and could hear laughter and loud conversation as I waited my turn to board.  Once I got on, I proceeded to walk the isle to get to an empty seat, as usual, about half way back on the driver’s side.  Already, this woman was asking question of the person behind her.  They struck up a conversation about their mutual careers (which I won’t mention to keep from incriminating the innocent).  She was from California, what does that say?  She had worked with the rich and famous out there, she knew them all, worked with them all…

She kept this conversation up from Cascade to Donnelly and on to McCall until the person she was talking to got off the bus and then because I had been sitting behind that person I immediately was involved in a conversation with her.

She was interesting, lively, funny.  I wanted to hear what she had to say.  Imagine my dilemma – I had a good book that I was really into –  (I can’t tell you the name.  It is not a book I would recommend because of the use of the F word and some of the circumstances involved – The book had a great hook and even tho I knew better I read the stupid thing. – It was about this freedom seeking fish that jumped out of his bowl on the balcony from the top story of an apartment building and as it was falling down it looked into the lives of the people living on each floor of the building.)

So put yourself in my shoes… should I listen to Live Wire  who washed the hair of Ron Howard or read about a woman going into labor, whose phone is dead, and the baby is almost out – feet first!  She walks down the halls knocking on doors to get help and ends up at the door of the recluse who has not gone out or opened her apartment door for years.  Live Wire is talking about some of her personal problems but the girl on floor 19 is breaking up with her boyfriend.  LV starts to talk about all the restaurants she’s been to around here (and tho she’s only lived here for 1 year or so she know more about everything and everyone than I do who has lived here since 02)  But the little boy on the 15th floor, who is called Homeschool Herman, has just witnessed his Grandpa passing away in his chair in the living room.  Meanwhile the maintenance man of the building is trying to fix the elevator (with 27 floors it’s gotta work) and starts a fire!  You tell me, what would you do?

In closing, I am attaching some pictures just to sooth your mind.  Hopefully you are all doing well, enjoying the March winter weather.  (It’s 50 degrees today!  What???)



Pock marks in the snow!


What caused this?


Tree Reflections


Frosty Sage


Frosty Fence and Rose Hip


Frosty Crust


Ice Patterns on River

DSC05691 (1)

Home Sweet Home


Frosty Branches


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