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Fun Time in the Summer


We had such a great weekend!  My knees are knocking and I sprang a muscle in my rear, of all places!  But the pain is all worth it.  Thursday night was the Valley County Junior Rodeo!  Our daughter came up bringing Chooch with her and we had such fun watching her at the rodeo.  Miniature Bull riding was last on the schedule and it was worth waiting for.  Like the announcer said, they were like regular bulls with their legs cut off!  So fun to watch!  Here is Chooch having fun watching the girl’s barrel race!  (Please try to ignore the kinda creepy photo bomber!)



On Friday it was Roaring Springs day with all the grands and their parents!  I climbed up so many stairs, many times dragging a heavy tube, and the ear splitting screams from the grand girls, the loss of skin on the bottom of my feet from the cement, the scrapes on my knees from the kiddy pool and the heart stopping scare when it looked like one of the grands was going to go under for the last time (but she was really fine!) is well worth the pain and suffering!  No pictures to share due to not wanting to expose anyone to such torture.

Then on Saturday Jess and his family joined us for the day and we had picnics and floated the river and ate strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream late into the night, then prayed they would all drive home safely.  (Sarah and Chooch went back home too!!)  Today was a “Goose Goofs Off”  kinda day, although I did balance the checkbook, washed loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and the hot tub and picked some raspberries!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Now!  Get back to work!!!!