I Wish I Could Just Stop Heaving!!! (Another bus story!)


Some of you might already know where I am going with this.  Anyone who has had to drive from Cascade to McCall and back again will have the same wish. The Frost Heaves are vicious this winter and not only are they huge (so huge in fact that they make shadows on the road)  there is a plethora of them all along the drive!  It is bad enough in a car!   But to truly experience them you must ride in a bus!!!  It is crazy!!!  It is so bad that we, none of us passengers, even say anything about it anymore.  One bus driver, about a month ago, made the disclaimer that there are too many to slow down for them anymore.  (In years past that is what they would do.  I would think, why is the bus slowing down, and then realize the driver was being nice and preventing us from bumping too hard over a frost heave.)  BUT NOT THIS WINTER!!!  Trust me, I get it!  The drive would take twice as long if they slowed down for every heave.  Therefore, we rattle along risking broken backs and chipped teeth and anyone who wears the seatbelt has bruising from the strap.  Some people, in particularly bad spots, just hang on to the ceiling bar suspending their bodies like sides of beef on meat hooks in the cooler.  It has been next to impossible to squeeze in a little snooze because you risk bashing the back of your head against the hard plastic head rests.  At times you have to even put down the book you are trying to read because the words are moving all over the place.  There is one guy who is the father of three young children, he usually sits in the very back seat so that he is left alone to catch up on his sleep, but as you know the bumps are always worse the farther back you go so he has been forced to move up.  He sat across from me the other day and we ended up having a profound conversation about child birth.  It was crazy.  When I got off the bus and stumbled to my vehicle I thought to myself “I can’t believe a guy just got asked me if I had had an episiotomy!!!!”  It’s proof that those heaves are rattling our brains.

It makes me wonder if there will be frost heaves in heaven.  I doubt that golden streets will be immune to frost – oh wait – there will be frost heaves in the OTHER place for sure!!

The road to McCall

Morning View from Bus

About cascadecountry

I am finding that being grateful makes what you have more than enough!!!! I am grateful for my husband of 40+ years, my grown children and their spouses, my eight grandchildren, my two doggies. I am surrounded by a wonderful family and friends who bless my life, and I believe in the undeserved redemption that is mine in Jesus! Hubster and I live in a small mountain village in the heart of Idaho and are so grateful for the beauty that surrounds us.

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