I can’t let this whole month go by without posting SOMETHING!  First here are some pics to enjoy!

Early Morning Pinkness

Early Morning Pinkness

Pink turned to gold with rays

Pink turned to gold with rays

Heart shaped cloud with sun

Heart shaped cloud with sun

Star Ship Enterprise!

Star Ship Enterprise!

The season of fall is a dichotomy of emotions.  It’s my favorite season because of it’s fleeting beauty.  Yet, the feeling of sadness prevails.  It’s the icy cold mornings, needing to build a fire to warm up the house, and having to start the car ten minutes early to remove the frost from the windshield only to come home to hot afternoon sun.

It is the knowing that the growing season is over, no more cheerful flowers gracing the window boxes or scattered amongst the berms.  We turn our thoughts to the coming of blowing snow and bitter temperatures, and yet our hearts yearn for the cozy evening before the crackling fire and snuggling down into our beds in a room that is comfortably cool, (if we remember to keep the heat from the fire out by closing the bedroom door.)  Sometimes you catch the bright, flame-like color of a maple tree blazing in between two deep green pine trees and you have to stop and gaze at the beauty.  The reds, the oranges, the yellows in the tree leaves, pumpkins, and sunflowers bring joy to the heart.  The candy corn in a glass dish, caramel apples on a stick, hay bales and scarecrows – all these fall icons thrill the soul!

Yet, when the rain falls, the low clouds hover, the fog encloses, the blowing wind pulls the leaves off the trees we know this fleeting magic is drawing closer to it’s end.  Then we are so thankful that the wood pile is stacked up and ready for the long winter. Grateful that the lawn furniture and flower pots are stored away.  Happy knowing that the windows have been washed and the house made ready for the long winter hibernation.

May you, each one, find your joy in the cascading leaves, the fat pumpkins with twisted stems and the days growing shorter ushering in the season of fall.  Love to you!!



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