The Path…




Happy New Year 2016!

It’s hard to believe that it is here!  Hublet recieved  a new left knee on Tuesday to go with his right knee that was replaced a few years ago. We are grateful to have the surgery behind us and now are praying for a speedy recovery!

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday and after everyone left I took a picture of the path that was carved in the deep snow between the Depot and our home.  Remembering all the trips that were taken on that path I felt sad that it would not be used to skip merrily along to join all the loved ones and I just had to take a picture for a keepsake!

Life is filled with paths!  May 2016 be a year of paths well chosen!


About cascadecountry

I am finding that being grateful makes what you have more than enough!!!! I am grateful for my husband of 41 years, my grown children and their spouses, my eight grandchildren, all the great people who bless my life, and for the undeserved redemption that is mine in Jesus! Hubster and I live in a small mountain village in the heart of Idaho and are so grateful for the beauty that surrounds us. Oh! I am grateful for my two doggies too!!!

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