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Nose Butting!


God is so kind.  He is so loving.  He is also able to save, guide and direct.  I blogged a while ago about a portion out of the book “Gold Dust” which is a very old book originally written in French, I believe, then translated into English in 1880.  A friend gave me the book several years ago and I have often found comfort and strength in the book’s snippets of  Godly wisdom.  I came across a reading a couple of weeks ago that began…  “Let it rest” …  It was a very timely reading and I took comfort in it.  I recently have dug out my “Streams in the Desert” and “Springs in the Valley” daily devotional books and am using them in my quiet time in the morning.  I have been trying so hard to “let it rest” – the things that we have been going through lately.   It has been a HARD struggle, I won’t lie.  I am able to hold it together when I need to and I am thankful for that.  I am also so profoundly grateful when God goes to the trouble to show that He really means it when He says, “Let it Rest!”  You can imagine my surprise while reading in “Springs in the Valley” for Aug 15th the entry began with “Let it rest!” … It was the very same entry and was even given the credit as being out of “Gold Dust”  (Please see proof!)

God Dust

Gold Dust



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Springs in the Valley

Please read one of these and see what you think!

I also wanted to tell you another thing I was thinking about.  Lately, I have been coming before the Lord seeking His help, knowing that He already is helping.  Partly, I turned to God just to get my mind off of the hard things in life.  (It is interesting how life’s struggles either lead you to the cross or to the pit of despair.)  I want to be found at the foot of the cross, in the arms of my Savior, in the loving embrace of my Heavenly Father.  The pit does NOT sound good at all.   As  I was walking the dogetts the other day, I was thinking about one of them, namely Sammy, who has developed the habit of coming up behind me and butting me with his nose.  He is seeking my attention, yes, but he really just wants another round of treats.  He butted me so much yesterday that there was a wet spot on my sweats, so that even when he was NOT butting me I was reminded of him because of the wetness on the back of my pant leg, and I laughed to myself and thought, “Due to my more then usual seeking of God and His help, I bet I am leaving a wet spot on His pant leg”.  I hope that I am spending as much time thanking Him for our many blessings as I am begging for His help.   What a waste of time if I am not!!!!

Look at that darling, wet, black nose!!1

Look at that darling, wet, black nose!!1

May you find yourself butting against the Lord God in supplication and thankfulness! And hopefully, finding a way to “Let It Rest!”.