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-Only Rational Faith –


Something to chew on…

“For is it not true that our universe is a mechanism consisting of celestial gears, spinning ball bearings, solar furnaces, all cooperating to return man (and, indeed, what other, unimagined neighbors of whom we are ignorant!) to that chosen hour we know of from the Bible as Before the Fall?  And as an ignorant insect crawling across the face of that clock, who sees not the whole face, the full cycle of numbers, the short hand and the long (which pass in his sky with predictable orbits, cast familiar shadow, offer reassurance through their very repetitions, but which, ultimately, puzzle and beg for the consideration of deeper mysteries), but who merely treads over the surface which hides the gear train and the springs without any but the most indirect conception of what lies beneath, so does man squirm and fret on the dusty skin of our earth, ignorant of the purpose of the world, indeed, the cosmos, beyond the fact that there is one, assigned by God and known only to Him, and that it is good and that is is terrifying and that it is ineffable and that only rational faith can sooth the desperate pains and woes of our magnificent and depraved world.  It is that simple, dear reader, that logical and that elegant.”  -from the Reasonable Horologist, by the Rev. Kenner Davenport, 1783 – Out of the book Tinkers by Paul Harding.

One of the ants I crawl around on the face of the earth with!!!

One of the ignorant insects I crawl around on the face of the clock with!!!