No Harrington’s of Vermont Ham For Me!


There are times in everyone’s life when you have to “tighten the belt”, “batten down the hatches”, a time to be “pulled up by the bootstraps” so to speak.  We have found ourselves in that place once again.  It is truly is a great opportunity to trust God to provide, and He who is faithful will always supply our needs.

He is not responsible to supply our every desire…

We received some junk mail the other day.  It was a “fabulous offer”!  They urged us: “Don’t miss out!”  I found myself actually reading through the pieces of paper and salivating.  With this delicious Harrington’s of Vermont ham you also get a 6 oz pkg of bacon, a 1/2 pound of sharp cheddar cheese, and a carving knife! Why – how can I resist?  (Let me just stop here, I also admit to looking through the Harry and David magazine and the Pepperidge Farm catalogs, turning each page and wondering if the goods are as yummy as they look.)

I really did NOT want to order a ham and I don’t feel bad, not for one minute, that I won’t ever taste that ham with “no water added, no artificial colorings, just pure delicious ham with the pure flavor only corn cob and maple smoking can give you.”  (Besides, our local grocery store gives out “Ham Bucks” around Easter time – one with every $5 you spend and it is worth 20 cents applied to a ham you purchase from their store. What a deal!)

My whole point here is that I set that aside, in the circular file, and was proud of my ability to deny myself  – then I had to chuckle.  I realized that even at the height of our careers, when we were rolling in the dough… spending money like water… as if we had a money tree in our back yard… I would have looked through this “fabulous” offer and put it in the same file.  So… I am not denying myself anything – I am using my God-given common sense.

I am grateful that the beauty of the season all around us is free of charge and yet fills me with such a feeling of wealth beyond measure.  I may not be able to offer you fabulous ham but baloney, shared with a true friend, is just as delicious!  Right?

Low Sun in the Aspens

Low Sun in the Aspens

Golden Tree

Golden Tree

Yellow Aspen Leaves

Yellow Aspen Leaves

Oh boy, oh boy!  I just got a Hickory Farms and a Collins Street (fruitcakes) catalog in the mail!  I guess I’ll start my Christmas shopping early.  Raise your hand if you want a fruitcake!


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