Me and Mr. Spider!


Just checkin’ in and sayin’ “Hey!”

I was able to get several wonderful spider web pictures yesterday.  I always laugh that when I come across a spider web outside I am able to find beauty and purpose in the pattern and process of their work.  When I come across one in my house it becomes all out war with the broom and I work hard to seek out the culprit who dared to make a web in MY home!!!  It feels like Mr. Spider is thumbing his nose at me or putting his big toe over the line when he sets up housekeeping inside.  I am also, maybe wrongfully, prideful that I seldom scream and call hubster to come save me from S. Webmaker.  (I will admit that when they reach a certain size – or when the web is so strong that it takes a pair of scissors to break it (exaggeration) I will call upon the bigger spider slayer of the home.)  I will also admit that me and the spides have yet to come to an understanding over property rights on my front porch.  Yes, it is outside but for Pete’s sake do they have to move in with the whole family and produce generations of egg nests and pletheras of webs?    I show them though, my broom, vacuum and garden hose with a shooting nozzle take care of the problem, at least temporarily, until the ones that survive get re-oriented and start the process all over again.

Please enjoy the fruits of my labor and don’t hold my prejudice against me!

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