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A Typical Day!


SO…. such are the plans of mice and of men….

My plan for today:  Get up.  Walk dogs.  Eat bacon and eggs with hubster.   Sand bathroom floor then, sweep, then wipe down with wet cloth so that next I can paint the floor of the bathroom.  Next, paint the stairs.  When dry repeat the last two jobs.  Then if time allows do more stuff around the house like clean.

This is how it went:  Got up after sleeping in until 8:30 – the day was half over already!  Walked the dogs.  Made bacon and eggs and ate breakfast with hubman.  From there it went to pot!  Hubbers said he needed his hair cut and would I please do it first thing because once I paint the stairs it would be impossible to do it later.  Cut hubs hair and while in the bathroom I decided to change out a painting and that meant I had to clean out behind the bathtub and clean out some other junk I had stored behind the tub.  After that went downstairs and into office to get the sander.  While I was there I remembered that I had a error message on my computer and thought I’d fix that real quick but of course that took an hour at least of beiing on the phone with computer experts, managing to somehow organize a party and send many emails regarding party on my Ipad.  Meanwhile hubbcan is out buying a brush for me to paint with.  I had to make a mad dash to the shed to get some sand paper for the sander and while I was there I grabbed the can of wasp spray because I saw a nest that needs to be sprayed yesterday.   I got right on the job of sanding, sweeping and wiping the bathroom floor then got the paint, the stick to stir, the brush the rags a small lamp type thing to point at the areas I was painting because it is a cloudy day and I can hardly see, of course I made sure I had on my old painting clothes.  It took me about a half hour to paiint the bathroom and an hour to paint the stairs.  I got done with the first coat by the crack-0-dawn hour of 4 pm..  So now I had to wait a bit to do the next coat.

I grabbed a healthy snack of chips and chocolate and decided I would tackle putting together an old windchime that I had sitting on my dining table for over a week.  It meant getting out my junk jewelry suitcase, fishing line, knife, etc.  I took it all out to the back deck and proceeded to get the job done.  That was fun.  Next I decided, while I had the junk jewelry suitcase out I would fix a necklace that I broke a while back.  Of course I got side tracked and found myself trying on some of the neclaces I had in the suitcase and an earring with no match that was very cute and I just wanted to see what it looked like on.  Of course I forgot all about these peices of jewelry and fixed the necklace and put away the stuff and got ready to paint the second coat.  I once again grabbed all the parafanelia and headed to the bathroom.  I had to laugh when I saw myself in the mirror all dolled up with one earring and two necklaces.  I finally got the second coat done around 8 pm.  Now I am sitting here on the couch waiting for the paint to dry so I can crawl up the stairs to bed.  My knee hurts, every joint in my body aches and my feet are freeziing.  The only thing that keeps me going is that Sammy is sitting here with me (although he is snoring) and hublette brought me some peaches and ice cream.

Maybe tomorrow will go more as planned.  What am I saying?  It would be better to have just a general outline and maybe some cliffnotes.

It’s always a good thing, if you need a smile, to go to your photos and hang for awhile!

Friends make you smile!

Friends make you smile!

And playing dress up!

And playing dress up!

And a grandchild with a pink bunny with purple ears!

 a grandchild with a pink bunny with purple ears!


Nose Butting!


God is so kind.  He is so loving.  He is also able to save, guide and direct.  I blogged a while ago about a portion out of the book “Gold Dust” which is a very old book originally written in French, I believe, then translated into English in 1880.  A friend gave me the book several years ago and I have often found comfort and strength in the book’s snippets of  Godly wisdom.  I came across a reading a couple of weeks ago that began…  “Let it rest” …  It was a very timely reading and I took comfort in it.  I recently have dug out my “Streams in the Desert” and “Springs in the Valley” daily devotional books and am using them in my quiet time in the morning.  I have been trying so hard to “let it rest” – the things that we have been going through lately.   It has been a HARD struggle, I won’t lie.  I am able to hold it together when I need to and I am thankful for that.  I am also so profoundly grateful when God goes to the trouble to show that He really means it when He says, “Let it Rest!”  You can imagine my surprise while reading in “Springs in the Valley” for Aug 15th the entry began with “Let it rest!” … It was the very same entry and was even given the credit as being out of “Gold Dust”  (Please see proof!)

God Dust

Gold Dust



2015-08-18 05.49.35

Springs in the Valley

Please read one of these and see what you think!

I also wanted to tell you another thing I was thinking about.  Lately, I have been coming before the Lord seeking His help, knowing that He already is helping.  Partly, I turned to God just to get my mind off of the hard things in life.  (It is interesting how life’s struggles either lead you to the cross or to the pit of despair.)  I want to be found at the foot of the cross, in the arms of my Savior, in the loving embrace of my Heavenly Father.  The pit does NOT sound good at all.   As  I was walking the dogetts the other day, I was thinking about one of them, namely Sammy, who has developed the habit of coming up behind me and butting me with his nose.  He is seeking my attention, yes, but he really just wants another round of treats.  He butted me so much yesterday that there was a wet spot on my sweats, so that even when he was NOT butting me I was reminded of him because of the wetness on the back of my pant leg, and I laughed to myself and thought, “Due to my more then usual seeking of God and His help, I bet I am leaving a wet spot on His pant leg”.  I hope that I am spending as much time thanking Him for our many blessings as I am begging for His help.   What a waste of time if I am not!!!!

Look at that darling, wet, black nose!!1

Look at that darling, wet, black nose!!1

May you find yourself butting against the Lord God in supplication and thankfulness! And hopefully, finding a way to “Let It Rest!”.



-Only Rational Faith –


Something to chew on…

“For is it not true that our universe is a mechanism consisting of celestial gears, spinning ball bearings, solar furnaces, all cooperating to return man (and, indeed, what other, unimagined neighbors of whom we are ignorant!) to that chosen hour we know of from the Bible as Before the Fall?  And as an ignorant insect crawling across the face of that clock, who sees not the whole face, the full cycle of numbers, the short hand and the long (which pass in his sky with predictable orbits, cast familiar shadow, offer reassurance through their very repetitions, but which, ultimately, puzzle and beg for the consideration of deeper mysteries), but who merely treads over the surface which hides the gear train and the springs without any but the most indirect conception of what lies beneath, so does man squirm and fret on the dusty skin of our earth, ignorant of the purpose of the world, indeed, the cosmos, beyond the fact that there is one, assigned by God and known only to Him, and that it is good and that is is terrifying and that it is ineffable and that only rational faith can sooth the desperate pains and woes of our magnificent and depraved world.  It is that simple, dear reader, that logical and that elegant.”  -from the Reasonable Horologist, by the Rev. Kenner Davenport, 1783 – Out of the book Tinkers by Paul Harding.

One of the ants I crawl around on the face of the earth with!!!

One of the ignorant insects I crawl around on the face of the clock with!!!



It seems that when hard times come we can loose sight of the beauty all around us. I just now looked at a gorgeous picture of a bowl of strawberries and felt joy! And I thought to myself, “get your head  up”. I also have experience times of intense awareness of my surroundings simply because my heart is hurting and the glory of God, seen in His creation, soothes my
troubled heart.

At times we want to work hard to fix the troubles in our lives and it can be real work to “let it rest” even when you know that is what is asked of you!  At other times we are called to boldly “enter into the fray”. Not to get what we feel we deserve but to help bring about God’s will.

This reminds me of a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago. I was at a Cascade lake beach with my daughter and granddaughter. It was a warm day even tho it was overcast and windy. Just fine for sitting in a chair and relaxing. Before too long “little girl” was grabbing at me to get up and venture into the rippling water! My thought was we would meander along the edge in the shallows. Choochie had other ideas! She wanted to head for the deep. It is etched into my mind! She was holding tight to my hand and pulling with all her might deeper and deeper into the cold water, facing into the wind.  The look on her face! Such joy and excitement! Her laughter bubbling over! And she kept going, pulling her reluctant Mimi further out. The wind was blowing her hair back from her face. Her smile stretched wide across her precious face! I will never forget her loud laughter mixed with screams of joy and the holding of her breath as waves would splash water in her face! I want you to understand this! She pulled me so far out she could barely touch and the water was up to her face! I then took both of her hands and started to lift her up and out then lowered her back in turning her back and forth while she kicked and laughed and screamed with excitement! How my heart soared to see her joy and her bravery! It made me think about the many ways we all look at life and it is my prayer that she will always face life head-on with joy and excitement!!

choochie in water

Look at her kicking her feet and laughing!