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“I said I wanted mustard on mine!”


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Over the years, whenever Hublet or I have a “senior moment” and forget something we had said or were suppose to do, then we say to one another, “I said I wanted mustard on mine!” (In a crotchety old person voice) Then we laugh and laugh – it’s funny how some jokes never get old.

Lately I have been reading the Jan Karon series, The Mitford Years.  I am on the 5th book A New Song.  These books are so uplifting to the spirit, so wholesome and sweet.  If you have not read them I would recommend them wholeheartedly!  I first read them years ago and am enjoying a second go around.  This time, as I am reading them, I am  writing down some of the jokes and sayings that she has written into her books and in A New Song I came across my all time favorite Uncle Billy joke and I thought I would share it with you.  Uncle Billy is an elderly fellow who is always happy and always up for sharing a joke or two even though he is crippled with “the ole Arthur” (arthritis) and lives with a schizophrenic and downright cantankerous wife.  This is my favorite joke:

“This old feller an’ ‘is wife was settin’ on th’ porch, an’ she said, ‘Guess what I’d like t’ have?”  He said, ‘What’s that?’  She said, ‘A great big bowl of vaniller ice cream with choc’late sauce and nuts on top!’  He says, ‘Boys howdy, that’d be good.  I’ll go down to th’ store and git us some.’  Wife said, ‘Now, tha’s vaniller ice cream with choc’late sauce and nuts.  Better write it down.’  He says, ‘Don’t need t’ write in down, I can remember.”  Little while later, he come back.  Had two ham san’whiches.  Give one t’ her.  She looked at that san’which, lifted th’ top off, said, ‘You mulehead, I told you t’ write it down, I wanted mustard on mine!'”

If you can’t beat em – join em!  That’s what I always say!!

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Another type of quote I am saving out of her books is as follows:

The King of love my shepherd is,  Whose goodness faileth never;  I nothing lack if I am His, And He is mine forever.

Where streams of living water flow, My ransomed soul He leadeth, And where the verdant pastures grow, With food celestial feedeth.

Perverse and foolish oft I strayed, But yet in love He sought me, And on His shoulder gently laid, And home, rejoicing, brought me.

There is such sweetness in some of the old hymns.  Whenever you put down a book and walk away renewed, restored, refreshed, that is a good thing.  As good and a “big bowl of vaniller icecream with chocolate sauce and nuts on it!”

Here are some old fashioned flowers.  Blessings on your day, and may God go with you – as Father Tim often says!

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