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Going Deeper into Trust!


This is a strange thing!  The sun is on the south side of the house.  The reflections of light is from our front door window which is on the north side.  How did that get there!

This is a strange thing! The sun is on the south side of the house. The reflections of light is from our front door window which is on the north side. How did that get there!

Quotes taken from “Ruthless Trust” Brennan Manning (pages 4 & 5)

…”I can state unequivocally that childlike surrender in trust is the defining spirit of authentic discipleship…I would add that the supreme need in most of our lives is often the most overlooked… the need for an uncompromising trust in the LOVE of God…there are times when it is good to go to God as might a ragged beggar to the King of kings, it is VASTLY superior to approach God as a little child would approach his or her papa.” (emphasis mine)

In the preceding paragraph he had asked one of his friends to define the Christian life in a single sentence, the friend quickly said… “I can define it in a single word:  TRUST.”

When Jesus was asked how to “hasten the the advent of the Kingdom of God?” He said “Trust in God and trust in me.” (John 14:1)  “Trust was not some feature out at the edges of Jesus’ teaching; it was its heart and center.  This and only this would bring on speedily the reign of God.”

Trust is so foundational – yet can be so fleeting.  The minute something goes wrong or not according to plan I begin to worry, wringing my hands and crying.  There have been times in my life when the situation was hard enough that I got pretty close to the camp of “Despair”.  Age and experience has help me to be closer to full and complete trust in my God of Love yet I long for it to be the very air I breathe.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good!”  Do I remember this when sickness lingers, relationships struggle, financial trouble looms on the horizon? I want to!  Do I turn to the God of the Universe who created each star and planet and all that dwells upon the earth when it seems that the world has tilted to the ugly side where war and hatred run rampant?  I want to!  Do I think about the fact that the Lord of the Heavens is keeping a place for us in His mansion when life seems short yet too hard to manage?  I sure want to!  Yet my struggles seem so small and insignificant next to a person who lives in poverty, filth, ruin.

Trust comes hard at times!  It is a lifetime of work, of laying down burdens, self-will, anger, hurt, frustration and a taking up of the Goodness of God – remembering His kindness, mercy, unending love.

We are praying for a close relative who is going through some major health issues right now.  I thought of her as I listened to the words from a favorite worship song…”Savior lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you will lead me.  Take me deeper then than my feet would ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.”  There are times when we have no control over the trials in our life other than the decision of how we are going to get through them. That is when our TRUST IN THE LORD is the calm in the storm!

I am trusting thee Lord Jesus
Never let me fall
I am trusting thee forever
and for all!


Accepted or Rejected


Do we shine in the light of the sun or are we silhouettes in the shade!. Are we who we were created to be or only a shadow of what we can be?

Daily, hourly, constantly, first and last thought, . . .

Here is one of the question of life:

“Am I acceptable?”

If our answer, to ourselves, is “no” then we are “rejected”.

From the moment we become self-aware we start this hamster-wheel ride of endless questioning that gets us nowhere but worn out.  ( I think it’s safe to say we all do it – some more than others.)

As a child, I remember being held and carried to bed and being gently tucked in and the feelings of being loved, accepted.  I also remember being naughty and having to face the consequences and the feelings of rejection that followed.   (I also remember wearing a giant rhubarb leaf on my head and calling it a princess crown – very “acceptable”).  We, most of us, have siblings and fit in our little “slot” in the family.  I was the third child and the third girl and I can imagine I was a bit of a disappointment from the start, yet I knew my parents loved me.

In the middle of our childhood  we are introduced to school.  The fight for our “place” in this world begins.  Grade school, junior and senior high, college then out into the work force – the hamster wheel starts smoking!


I suggest that instead of questioning our “Accepted Level” we should turn it around and ask ourselves, “Am I ACCEPTING?” Do I size someone up immediately upon meeting them, like a junior higher, or do I have an open heart that expects good out of everyone.  Is it more important for me to be accepting of others or accepted myself?

Upon further reflection I ask myself, “Am I here to serve or be served?”  Is it better to be selfless than selfish?  No brainer!!  But do my actions portray that.  Selflessness is a true art form.  It’s beauty is breathtaking.

Heroes are selfless.  In the movies they put others’ safety before their own lives.  They are willing to lay down their wants and needs, even unto death, for the greater good.  In real life we have the examples of Mother Theresa, the countless number of soldiers who died in battle for our country, and stories of great people, some who we might even know personally, that performed some heroic deed that is etched in the timeline of our history and/or our country or even the world!  We are, hopefully, blessed with family and friends who show their love by their kind deeds.  We all have heroes in our lives.

BUTTTTT!   Am I  a hero to others?  Do I try to be selfless?  Am I willing to give, to do more then I think is my “fair share” or even within my capability?  I want to be careful to remember it is not about finding acceptance through “good works” or rejection when I fall short of MY expectations.  It is about my attitude!  The best news is that I can know, always and forever, there is someone who loves me NO MATTER WHAT!  I don’t have to strive to serve just to make myself look good.  Even when I am at my most selfish worst I am still loved and cherished!  It is out of the knowledge of God’s unending love that I can then try to put others ahead of myself – the reward is the peace that comes from a job well done!  There is still peace when I fall short knowing that we start with a “clean slate” everyday, hour, minute, second …!

Nothing can separate us from the love of our father and great is the joy when a child hears their father say, “Well done, my child!”

– “To love another person is to see the face of God!”   Victor Hugo’s Le Miserables-