A Happy Place!


Sometimes, when life is a little overwhelming, I just go to a “Happy Place” in my mind and heart and often what ushers in the thoughts that make me think of some place that is happy or peaceful is GRATITUDE!  And looking at some pictures gives me something to be grateful for and then my thoughts are turned away from “the struggle” and put right back on the giver of ALL GOOD THINGS!  Lord, thank you for my “Happy Places”!!!

A Very Happy Place

A Very Happy Place

Where’s your happy place?


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  1. Kim
    I got a new Iphone and was adding apps
    When i added the wordpress app i thought i have to look kim up. You are such an amazing person! You were always so strong and inspirational reading your blog reminds of that! I am so glad God brought you into my life i know some of the reasons and some im sure i will see later on. You were always such a sweet and loving person you gave me such hope and clarity when i needed it. I am sk very thankful that i was able to have you as a “mother like” person and a “friend” person i love you so much.
    Thank you so much for being you with me:)

    • Jessica, you will always be special to me. You are a survivor, strong warrior woman! These are the things I have admired in you! You are such a good influence to those around you! Strong yet soft hearted! I love you and MISS you! You are in my thoughts and prayers, you and your darling family!

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