How Long is Your Shadow

Long Tall Shadow

Long Tall Shadow


In the shadow of the wings of the Almighty!

I thought of that verse this morning.  Does anyone else crack up when they see how long and big their shadow is in the rising sun of the morning?  I took a picture of mine this morning just because upon seeing it this morning I thought of the above verse and how it is desirable to be in even just the shadow of the Almighty.  How much more do we desire to be in His presence always and for ever when we see Him on THAT day!  The day we meet Him face to face.

In the meantime, I want to explore the concept of being in His shadow or whether our shadows can affect others.  It seems that we spend our lives looking for shadows to be under.  I prefer the shade to blistering hot and frequently wear a hat or carry an umbrella just to escape from sun burn.  In the shadow is freshness, peace, the ability to breath deep.  When I set up my hammock I look for the most shady spots on my lawn, the thought of putting it out in the bright, glaring sun to rest and relax does not call to me.  (Although in my younger, careless days I told myself I was enjoying the heat and torture of laying out in the hot noontime sun, slathered in baby oil, to get a tan.)

If God is our refuge and strength and the shadow of His wing is our rest can we then be that for others.  (This seems to be my theme as of late – finding rest, peace.)  Are we to attempt to be safe, restful places of shadow for those around us?  Are we accepting of others, loving them in the face of outright faults.  Do we try not to judge but instead find the good in each person.  Do we think about having a relationship with someone in the hopes of being a good friend to them or instead do we look at a person and judge whether they have anything to offer us?  I am the first to admit that I am not always the friend I want to be.  I will think further on what kind of shadow I throw and also focus more on being under the shadow of His wing!!!

Peace Out!


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