Thank You Anyway!


From another Ann Voskamp post:

“Last week she called four-year-old J. to come with his journal and she’d record more of his gifts for him. They sit down. She looks across the table at this little man.

“So, what are you thankful for today?” Teren asks J.

“I’m thankful that it’s not my birthday,” says J.

My eyebrows shoot high. Really?

“That’s exactly what I did when he said that,” Teren laughs, gorgeous sky. “So I clarified, ‘You don’t like birthdays, J?’” And J says, “I love birthdays. And I haven’t had one in a long time.”

Then why would he…. ?

Teren leans across the table to me and directly lays the little boy’s words into my hands.

“I’m saying thanks anyway.”

Lightning strikes. I break. Emotion brims, falls, rain watering hard ground in May.

I whisper repeat, “But I am saying thanks anyway.” And Teren nods, this liquid mix of tears and beautiful smile.


Is that it? You only know how to give thanks always when you know how to give thanks anyway” image

About cascadecountry

I am finding that being grateful makes what you have more than enough!!!! I am grateful for my husband of 40+ years, my grown children and their spouses, my eight grandchildren, all the great people who bless my life, and for the undeserved redemption that is mine in Jesus! Hubster and I live in a small mountain village in the heart of Idaho and are so grateful for the beauty that surrounds us. Oh! I am grateful for my two doggies too!!!

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