Mantle of Humility


Woke up to a beautiful world this morning.  Old Man Winter has not lost his grip and he laid his mantle of white all around.

Mantle of Snow

Mantle of Snow


Hubster and I have been on a journey of humility for a long time.  I think it is a lifetime journey for pretty much everyone.  Pride rears it’s ugly head in my life most often in the area of “I don’t deserve to be treated this way” or “I don’t deserve to go through this trial” or “I deserve more than this…”!  Pride is what causes Hubton and I to spend hours (exaggeration to make a point) talking about the faults of others.  (I will admit, at this point, that usually it is me who starts the ride down the slippery slope dragging my Hubflix along without asking.)  Thankfully, God gets a hold of us and reminds us that finding fault is judging and there is no end to scripture verses that speaks against THAT so one of us usually stops the fall off the cliff by remembering that we have no right to find fault.  BUT, (another BIG one) we want to take it even further and not even go there in the first place.

How?  What can we do to keep from finding fault?  EASY SCHMEASY – PUT ON THE CLOAK OF HUMILITY!  When you operate out of a place of true humility you WILL NOT spend any time FINDING FAULT.

If we look around, I think all of us can think of at least one person who personifies this lifestyle.  Fortunately, one person Hublet and I both had the privilege of spending time with his mother Milly.  (or Mility which is our new name for her -just kidding)   Yes, she was human and she had her faults, and she admitted that she struggled with pride but by the end of her life she had it down pretty good.  She had a way of effacing herself, putting others ALWAYS first, not expecting or feeling like she deserved ANYTHING.  Of course we could not truly know her mind but she demonstrated this lifestyle and we got to witness it and the affect it had on us and others.  She would build others up finding ways to make them feel better about themselves always putting a Godly spin on her words.  She worked tirelessly for others and spent much time with the Lord praying without ceasing.  At the funeral the testimonies were many by those whose lives she touched mostly sharing about her humility.

I was reminded the other day of Jesus’ humility.  One of Ann Voskamp’s post talked about how Jesus came to the earth riding on the back of a humble donkey on the journey to Bethlehem in His mother’s womb.  He again rode a donkey’s back riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and then came the most humiliating death a person could die.


Snowy Path

Snowy Path


I am reading a book called, “Angels of Humility: A Novel” by Jackie Macgirvin.  It is about a women who comes to the Lord at an old age and yet God uses her to bring about His will.  (I am not done yet so I am assuming that is how it will end.)  The story also brings in the spiritual world with angels and demons.  I am always thankful to be reminded that our world is so small and insignificant while the spiritual world is huge and yet we can play a vital role in advancing the kingdom with our simple prayers.  Anyhoo, when the main character comes to faith she is fitted with a glowing white garment with her spiritual gifts embroidered with white threads followed by a brown cloak that completely covers the white glowing garment and guess what that cloak is?  Yep, the cloak of humility.  Reading that did something to me.  (Does that happen to others?  Going along, minding your own business when “Wham”  “Bammm” something hits you squarely between the eyes – TRUTH!)  Any ministry that anyone could ever have needs to be completely covered with the CLOAK of humility.

Garment of Praise

Garment of Praise

We also wear Garments of Praise which focus on the goodness of God and His glory!  Giving thanks at all times keeps us humble and focused on His ability not our own for without Him we can do nothing.

Glorious White

Glorious White

So… at this point I feel I just need to keep stewing on this… please enjoy the snow!

2014-03-28 001 001


2014-03-28 001 003


2014-03-28 001 006

Mantle of Snow

Mantle of Snow


Your humble servant,


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