It Just Seems Right!


It just seems right to finally have some snow!  (and they are predicting more!)

2014-02-09 001 039

Tall Pine Trees with Brewing Storm

It also just seems right to make snowmen out of the chunks that are left behind after plowing.

Snowman Family

Snowman Family


2014-02-09 001 036

As we were driving to church this morning I was feeling at peace because the countryside looks like winter -finally- and I was thinking just how right it seemed and my mind began to make a list of some of the things that JUST SEEM RIGHT.  Here are a few:

Playing worship songs on the way to church – I know – I sound like a goody-two-shoes

Drinking wine, eating fancy cheese and homemade bread and dark chocolate in front of the fire at gloaming on a Saturday evening with my husband

Face Time with my grandchildren

Kissing baby Talayla’s neck

Snuggling down into a bed with soft clean sheets and a warm comforter in a cool room

Working on a baby quilt for the above mentioned baby

Sewing Pieces Together

Sewing Pieces Together

Ironing the Pieces

Ironing the Pieces

Starting to Get the Picture

Starting to Get the Picture

Now for those of you who are fans of the old movie Silverado, I want you to say this next sentence in the same tone that it was spoken in that movie:

“That just ain’t right… and I am tired of what ain’t right!

Out of Control Dusts Bunny

Out of Control Dusts Bunny


This is the kind of housekeeper I am at times.  I am telling you – behind doors and under beds and dressers I am getting “ascaired” to look!


About cascadecountry

I am finding that being grateful makes what you have more than enough!!!! I am grateful for my husband of 40+ years, my grown children and their spouses, my eight grandchildren, all the great people who bless my life, and for the undeserved redemption that is mine in Jesus! Hubster and I live in a small mountain village in the heart of Idaho and are so grateful for the beauty that surrounds us. Oh! I am grateful for my two doggies too!!!

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